Why you need cyber security training today


Organizations need effective cyber-security management strategies to survive in a ‘lawless’ world of cybercrimes such as identity theft, privacy violation and inter-governmental espionage, among other criminal activities carried out for financial rewards and more.

Contrary to what you would expect, the real threat is internal. For instance, a skilled Internet Technology (IT) personnel knows how to maximize available technological tools to control or eliminate majority of threats, but untrained employees eventually provide hackers with loopholes that are exploited with a few clicks of the mouse for results which, in most cases, cost businesses a fortune.

Workers create security lapses, without any malicious intent, when they visit infected websites or open phishing emails. Other ways of jeopardizing an organization’s security are: using one password for business emails and personal accounts; using public Wi-fi; and surfing the web with an unencrypted connection.

Cyber security costs money but neglecting the expenses could be costlier considering the hours/days of downtime and loss of customers.

The most alarming fact is: these security breaches are a daily occurrence – it happens more than 4,000 times every day and can hit a company more than once within 365 days.

Cyberattacks are mostly motivated by financial rewards or a need to access specific data. However, some governments and criminals engage in the illegal activity to obtain valuable intellectual property which is their ‘most vulnerable asset’.

Companies should therefore invest in cyber security considering the high cost of recovering from damages – if ever achieved. Here is an infographic from EveryCloud Spam Filtering:

Cyber security.png