Russia uses superb military intelligence and ‘espionage’ against the West – Sergey Lavrov


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A top Russian government official has admitted to Vladimir Putin’s meddling in security strategies hatched by intelligence agencies around the world, especially in the U.S. and other Western allies.

Sergey Lavrov, who holds position as Russia’s Foreign Minister, said his government’s security operatives easily penetrate and manipulate intelligence agencies for good reasons, stressing that espionage is a necessary tool against any plans to undermine Moscow.

In his address to the Terra Scientia during a seminar organized by Klyazma River National Educational Youth Forum, Lavrov said security intelligence is topmost in Russia’s international relations.

‘Russia will get first-hand information in the event of any plan by world leaders to undermine the country,’ the 68-year-old responded when asked how Moscow stays up-to-date on modern security challenges.

The diplomat continued, ‘…Be rest assured that Moscow will always obtain timely and comprehensive information about schemes against the Russian Federation no matter the country involved – the U.S. or other Western countries.

‘Russia’s military presence around the world is a necessity. Our country’s interest is a top priority.’

According to a report from the state-owned news agency Tass Russian, Lavrov added that the Russian government will certainly protect its sovereignty as a state no matter what is happening elsewhere in the world.

His words: ‘The security of our citizens remains as important as ever. President Vladimir Putin has often said that, and I assure you that the promise is based on real material changes taking place in our country and army.’