How a pretty Turkish lady gained 7 kg in 23 minutes


A beautiful Turkish woman surprisingly added seven kilograms to her body weight after eating 255 shish kebabs in 23 minutes.

Ceren Yilmaz, the 21-year-old winner, is a university student from southern Turkey.

According to Hurriyet Daily News, the “kebabs-eating competition” took place at a local restaurant in Kepez district.

Demirören News Agency noted that Yilmaz won after beating other contestants to most servings of minced meat on skewers, with salad and bread. She also drank two glasses of water and three glasses of ayran.

Yilmaz weighed 40kg before the contest which lasted only 23 minutes. In the end, she won a smartphone valued at 5,500 Turkish liras. The girl also got a ticket to eat free meals in the food shop for five months – in addition to her new body weight.

Speaking with reporters at the event, Yilmaz said: ‘I had fears that my stomach would explode during the competition. Now, I’m inspired to win more…I have plans to improve on the record soon.’

Ilyas Demir, who owns the restaurant, expressed surprise for the results but said he knew the slim beauty would win.

‘No one believed Yilmaz could win the eating contest,’ Demir told reporters at the event, ‘but I predicted that correctly when I saw her munching like she had never eaten before.’

He continued, ‘The previous record was achieved in 18 minutes but the winner ate only 194 shish kebabs…I’m happy at how popular this food competition has become. It attracted many customers to my restaurant.

‘I’m happy to see participants coming from other parts of the city to compete in Antalya.’

Demir added that his next winner to eat more than 400 shish kebabs will get an electric motorcycle.

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