Why women cheat

In most cultures all over the world, cheating in a relationship is abhorred no matter who’s involved – men or women.

However, human psychologists believe there’s no big difference between who’s more likely to have extra-marital affairs in a marriage except that men and women do if for different reasons.

“People will often say that infidelity is a sign of a deeper relationship trouble,” Eric Anderson, a professor of sport, masculinity and sexuality at the University of Winchester in England, said.

It’s very easy to see people as sexually insatiable when they are unfaithful but experts say it totally different from reality.

Women cheat for a lot of reasons but for men, it’s about carnal lust – cheating doesn’t go beyond sex when men are involved.

“But figuring out why people cheat is trickier. The most entrenched storyline is that men are unfaithful because they want more sexual variety, whereas women step out to get their emotional needs met,” Anderson said, adding that “some studies suggest that women who are unhappy with relationships are likelier to cheat“.

According to Dr David Buss from the University of Texas: “People cheat for many reasons – because they are bored, for sexual variety, for revenge, because they are emotionally or sexually dissatisfied, for adventure, for resource, or as a mate switching tactics,” he told Daily Mail.

Mrs Cathy Meyer, a divorce expert agreed with Dr Buss. She said: “Some women become nothing more than a mother, housekeeper and wife who keeps the family running smoothly. Maybe she is feeling frumpy and unattractive. Her self-esteem is in the gutter…she no longer feels sexy, beautiful or desirable. She is married to a man who takes her and the marriage for granted.

“Enter into the picture a man who compliments her, shows interest in her emotionally, tells her she is beautiful.

 “A man who looks at her and sees something other than a mother, housekeeper and wife. A woman who is having issues with low self-esteem is a sitting duck for a man like this. She may find herself willing to throw caution to the wind in order to find the validation she needs and is not getting in the marriage.”
Sex is not entirely removed from the picture for women. Lust is also a part of the many reasons for a woman’s infidelity though they’d rather blame it on other emotional factors to justify the guilt.
According to Mrs Meyer, no matter the kind of marital problems people are going through, it’s not wise for a man to punish his wife by withdrawing from sex. This action or inaction ends up complicating issues for women who treasure intimacy that goes beyond sex but somehow comes from sex.
“…Then you have men who withhold sex as a form of punishment. Men who don’t communicate their dissatisfaction with something their wife has done but punish her by withdrawing from her sexually,” Mrs Meyer says avoiding this in a marriage may save the woman from going astray.