Google issues €100,000 bill for a Spanish kid’s mistake with Adsense

Google has issued a whooping €100,000 bill to a child in Spain, after he confused the company’s AdWords and AdSense services.

José Javier is a member of the Torrevieja llamada Los Salerososen inglés, a kids music band named after the Alicante town in which he lives. A translated name for the band group is Torrevieja Salt Shakers, The Register confirms.

Javier, 12, wanted to make some extra cash by placing Google ads alongside his band’s YouTube Videos so he registered for AdWords programme.

Out of ignorance, the young lad who’s aspiring to be a musician signed up for Google AdWords without knowing he can’t earn money from it. The programme run adverts at a cost to subscribers.

Spanish daily El País, reported that Javier and his friends had dreams of making it big through their videos.

The young musicians had hoped a day will come when they’ll be rich enough to buy a mansion for themselves with the help of Google AdWords. But the recent €100,000 bill just killed their life dreams.

Google’s offices in Spain has reportedly sent out an official statement regarding the €100,000 bill, El País wrote.

The internet search engine company explain that the megacorporation’s team has “analysed the case”, and not only hasn’t received payment from the family, but will proceed to cancel the outstanding balance on its Adwords service.

Google’s statement noted that AdWords has age restrictions in place and encouraged families to familiarize itself with its Safety Center before signing up for any programme.

However, Javier’s mom complained to El País that it was too easy for her son to make the purchases from Google, requiring him only to provide the family’s bank account details, which he did in mid-August. By early September the family was being billed by Google, receiving charges which reportedly rose quickly from an initial €15 to €19,700.

According to El País the bank alerted the family after the account balance went €2,000 into debt, just before Google sought to bill it for another €78,000.

The boy’s father told the publication that his son did not understand what he did, but was enjoying the fame from the bills.

Our dodgy translation tech quotes the father as saying: “I asked him if he knew the possible consequences of what he had done, but apparently [he] does not believe [anything bad would] happen. We are more realistic,” The Register wrote.

The child’s parents have reportedly sought legal advice, although El País reckons Google’s reaction indicates that won’t be necessary. It’s clear that Javier’s family will have to settle their €100,000.00 bill, in or out of court.