Why most men find it difficult to stay in love

Love happens; people feel it, see it, hear and even touch it in the most unexpected places but it takes courage and more than a heart of gold to stay in love.

Most men who have been there and done that, think true love doesn’t exist. Please, don’t judge them until you read their interesting reasons.

Some heartbroken men believe one needs a heart of stone, and must be “deaf” or “blind” in other to keep relationships and marriages.

They’ve been hurt a thousand times; stabbed in the back by those who deceitfully professed undying “love,” yet, each time they give their hearts for something real, it turns out a nightmare.

If you’ve been heart broken once, twice or more, then I bet you now understand why they say ‘three is a company.’

For some quitters, staying single has proven a better way to living in the ‘lie’ called love.

Here are some reasons why most men end their relationships with women:

A contributor named Charlie said his decision to call it quits was rash and thoughtless, citing “insecurity” as a factor.

In his words: “I woke up one day, after being with my other half for almost a year, feeling very vulnerable over being dumped, so I got in there first.

“Kind of regretted it ever since.”

Marcus picked “suspicion” as his reason for breaking up with a loved one. He took his time to prove his assumptions right before hitting the door.

“I noticed she’d started locking her phone and iPad and was very secretive when she got messages,” he said.

“One day she rushed out to the gym before the iPad screen auto-locked and, being the paranoid person I was, had a nosy – only to find a host of explicit messages from her ex on Facebook.

“I had some fun messaging some truths back to him, and various other people on her contact list.”

A man Dev claimed that cheaters can never be too careful. Karma knows how to make a mess of evildoers.

“I’d been dating my then-girlfriend for a few months, when one day she tried to give me my boxers back. Only, they weren’t mine,” Dev explained.

“She insisted they were.”

Agreed. She could have erroneously picked the damn boxers from the laundry.

Here’s what another man named Mathew thinks: “It was upon discovering she had a goddamn furby tattoo above her arse. Was very off-putting to say the least.”

Argh! Too many excuses, you’d say. A man’s food could be another man’s junk but, never call it a poison for the fact that someone didn’t have stomach for it.

“After my new lady kept calling it ‘salmond’ rather than ‘salmon’, it really grated on me, but didn’t have the heart to correct her,” Andrew said of his dummy girlfriend.

“She’d also say ‘pacific’ rather than ‘specific’, which, in the grand scheme of life, is totally unacceptable.”

Worse still, Josh had this to say. “When, after being together for just four months, she casually walked into the bathroom to take a dump as I was in the shower.

I knew it was over.”

How could breaking someone’s heart be that easy? Gosh!

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