Why every business or organization needs Contextual Advertising

Putting relevant ad content in front of interested eyes without coming off as intrusive”
that’s what every digital publisher wants & what contextual advertising can offer!

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Did you know that only 4 in 100 ads per day get more than one second of attention?

Well, having your ads in the right place is a must to stand a chance of being one of them & build relationships between your adverts and viewers.

That’s when Contextual Advertising comes into play, boasting 3 crucial benefits:

3 crucial benefits of contextual advertising

1 Mind your readers’ experience
People are much more receptive to advertising when it is not ruining their online experience. Contextual ads are blended into the chosen content naturally, providing a valuable way to get visitors off other websites and onto your own.

2 Brand safe
With contextual targeting, the web page your ad will display on is the heart of the campaign. You specify the topics, subtopics, keywords. And this makes it less likely your ads are going to follow a user to an environment where they don’t want to see advertisements.

3 Relevant without being creepy
If you can provide relevance without creeping your audience out, it’s certainly worth implementing. Contextual advertising can accomplish this. A user is less likely to feel they’re being followed around by an advertisement if it is related to the content they’re consuming.

So, how about using SAFER methods of advertising without destroying users’ experience?