When You’re Drunk and Start Feeling Too Hot

A man who felt so drunk and needed to cool off in the lavatory is chilling right now on the social media.

College done not so right

He went out with his friends for a one too many and found his way to the toilet. How he made it into the urinal is still unknown.

It’s quite a shame that his friends who should have helped him up decided to take pictures for the social media. What a world we live in!

A Facebook user said the location could be the toilet of Pavlov’s bar in Columbia, South Carolina.


The drinker in the photo could be a student in state capital. Reference was made by another, of the lavatory in the University of South Carolina as well as several other colleges around the capital which look the same.

“College done not so right” was the caption of the post.

Another post said: “There was a guy in the NYC goth scene who went by the moniker of Kevin carpet. 

“He would roll himself in a carpet and the lie down next to heavily trafficked areas of clubs like by the bar or the bathroom. I’ve stepped on him a few times thinking that the flooring was really soft and about to give way.”

A comment from someone with the profile name Laaanis saud:  “I heard the legend of a man called Pop-up Pirate who went to Leeds Festival in Britain, climbed down into the massive ditches with toilet seats above (the ‘plop-and-drops’) and poked people up the bum when they sat down.”

The viral picture is attracting lots of comment online. Readers can’t help but have a flashback of the day they found themselves or friends in a situation like this.

University is a place of adventure.

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