Quarrels With Neighbor Nearly Pushed Mom to Suicide

A fight which started over where the neighbors kept their bin bags nearly led to suicide.

Michelle Reid

The quarrels lasted about two years and during those months, Michelle Reid suffered unbearable pain, hate and almost ended her life out of misery.

The neighbor from hell wouldn’t just stop until Reid got a restraining order from Birmingham Magistrates Court recently.

Lynette Pollard is the monstrous neighbor who called Michelle names like “white trash” and “white scum”. Their problems started when Lynette dropped a bin bag on Michelle’s car bonnet and the owner reacted to the mess. The protest, for Pollard, was a kind of racist behavior so she took the pain to frustrate Michelle as long as they live near each other.

Pollard rejected all attempts by friends and family to solve the misunderstanding.

Michelle Reid spoke with Sunday Express about this strange woman who loves trouble so much.

“The whole thing left me constantly crying and made me depressed. I was giving up.

“I couldn’t go out of the front door or simple things like going out into the back garden to enjoy the sunshine because she would shout at me.”

“I’m not racist. I’m sick of being called names like this, it’s so hurtful, Michelle said amid tears.

“It’s been making my life hell. I’ve lived here for 19 years and had no problems up until April 2014.

“It got to the stage I didn’t want to go out. I just want to live like a normal person, it’s not a lot to ask.”

Michelle’s partner Jason McPartland, 44, is a witness to the devilish acts from the heartless neighbor. He said: “At Christmas time last year it got so bad she felt like ending her life.

“She still feels scared and has to keep her front door locked, she never used to do that.”

In court, Michelle explained in full details all that had transpired between the warring neighbors. She accused Pollard of starring at her incessantly on many occasions; playing loud music in her garden at anti-social hours; as well as banging on the walls just to disturb her peace and increase her pressures.

Michelle kept a log file of all the incidents and used the diary as evidence in court.


Michelle Reid has 5 kids while Pollard has 4.

The court served Mrs. Pollard a Cease and Desist Notice in an attempt to stop her from any further direct and indirect attacks on the family. The authorities also gave her a final warning to consider changing her behaviors but she ignored the orders. Residents in the neighborhood confirmed that Pollard continued with the racist attacks.

A fake solicitors letter from Lynette

Pollard was finally convicted of harassment and racially aggravated harassment last year and has now been issued with a restraining order from court. She has been prohibited from having any contact with Michelle for a period of 2 years.

The accused  has also been given a 12-month community service order. She will pay a total of £310 as costs and a £60 victim surcharge.

Lastly, Pollard Lynette received a curfew between 8pm and 6am. During this time, it is forbidden to play music or bang on the walls.

Today is a happy day for Michelle, indeed. In her excitement, she said:

“Today is the first time in two years I’ve felt able to peg out my washing.

“I just want to be left alone and live my life as normally as I can, it’s not much to ask is it?”