Mom Admits having Mind-Blowing Sex with Son

A British mom who confessed that she enjoyed having mind-blowing sex with her son is currently on the run as they try to avoid a possible 15-year prison sentence.

Kim West

The mom who made the revelation last weekend said she plans relocating to where such acts are common. She believes going to the states where incest is legal would be her best option.

This one of the many moms with questionable appetites is called Kim West.

She became pregnant with Ben Ford while she was a young student in California many years ago but chose not to abort the baby. Rather she decided to put him up for adoption after delivery.

Kim grew up in Islington, London but after Ben was adopted, she went back to the UK.

Track forward to 30 years from then, both mother and son reunited and are now having what someone called an “incredible” sex. They met in 2014.

Ben was able to find Kim after he wrote her a letter in late 2013 trying to find his biological mother. At that time he was already married and living in Colorado.

They were able to meet a month later after which they celebrated with Champagne and shared few romantic moments – including kisses.

There reunion caused Ben (a freelance computer coder) to divorce his wife and start a new life with his 52-year-old mom in Michigan, USA.

The lovers are hoping to make babies together and get married soon. They have publicly admitted their undying love for each other but quickly went into hiding when it became clear that the US authorities are aware of the forbidden sexual relationship.

There is a great chance that the incestuous act will be investigated if someone makes a formal complaint to the appropriate office(s).

Michigan State police rep discussed the information with the Mirror: “Under State law incest between two consenting adult is a third degree felony punishable by up to 15 years in prison.

“Anyone convicted of such an offence would also be required to sign the sex offenders register for life.”

Yet, the saving grace for the lovers at the moment is, the police is “not aware” of any formal report about the couple.



The couple argued that they find each other irresistible because of “Genetic Sexual Attraction’. The term is widely used for relatives who feel sexual attraction for each other after meeting as adults.

If science and law admits to such conditions, then there’s no doubt why some constitutions agree that incest is not against morality. Let’s leave the battle for to law and morality.

Kim said: “This is not incest, it is GSA. We are like peas in a pod and are meant to be together.

“I know people will say we’re disgusting, that we should be able to control our feelings, but when you’re hit by a love so consuming you are willing to give up everything for it, you have to fight for it.

“It’s a once in a lifetime chance and something Ben and I are not willing to walk away from.”

Ben added in his explanation: “When I met Kim, I couldn’t think of her as my mum but instead as a sexual being.

“I had seen a therapist at an adoption support group and had learnt about the GSA phenomenon.”

Kim and Ben are adamant about putting an end to the love affair. They are ready to break the laws in most American states just to get married. They have also made up their minds to have babies. The couple vowed to make a family even if it requires surrogacy.

Reports say the lovers will be leaving Michigan soonest for the fear of the laws and they could be heading to either Rhode Island or New Jersey (the only 2 US states that permits incest).


A TV personality NADIA Sawalha has come under intense criticism from viewers after she voiced her opinion on the revelation.

“Actually I was a bit annoyed with the producers this morning because I thought, I don’t want to speak about this. It literally made me feel physically sick.

“But, I’ve thought about it a lot and I’ve read up about it and my mind has been changed a little.

“Now I have a little bit of sympathy. There was research done by the British Medical Journal that shows that half of people separated from relatives at a young age experience strong sexual feelings when they are reunited.”


She continued in her explaination: “If you go to the sympathy of the mother that has given up the baby and the child that has longed for this mother that they’ve never met, then put them together years later as adults, which is what happened to these two, I can understand how they’ve got those feelings confused and there has been a sexual attraction.

“Now, after this point, all of this stuff about mind-blowing sex, he’s left his life and all this – it’s disgusting and despicable.

“But, I can understand how the confusion of those feelings could happen, like you could feel like you’re falling in love.”

Nadia said she is feeling “sorry” for both of them though she blamed the woman for the letting this happen.

She added: “I can understand how those confusing feelings came up and I think they should have stopped.

“I think it was her responsibility, I would almost say that the man in it, even though he’s grown up, he is a victim.

“I feel sorry for them. It’s a very sad story.”

Fellow panellists June Sarpong, Gloria Hunniford and Coleen Nolan as well as many viewers failed to accept her opinion as they were all angered by the sexual relation between mom and son.

Gloria said: “I am completely disgusted by the idea of a parent and child [having sex].”


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