What’s this buzz about provocative dressing and sexual harassment?

There is no justification for rape and sexual harassment in a “free” world where women should have a right to express themselves.

Notwithstanding the trust we have in humankind for sound judgement, good moral and ethical values, “provocative” and “glamorous” dress codes are equivocal terms which may need interpretations from the police and judiciary.

We will never be judgmental about what women choose to put over their bodies, but no matter how hard it is, the truth has to be told.

Some fashion styles aren’t just good enough for the streets. It’s simple that way, I guess. And understanding this will take away a stream of tears from my mother’s eyes.



Sometimes, a few crazy fashion styles make us think twice about what womanhood stands for, not that we hate to appreciate “gorgeous” things, in fact, most parents in these countries don’t give a hoot about the dazzling fashion trends.

Maybe it’s a case of cultural difference, generation gap, cultural rejuvenation or even culture shock. Whichever fits.

However, for this context only, what we see is the resultant effect of a young lady having inalienable rights which she sadly, misinterprets.


How would you describe this fashion style if you came across this beauty somewhere in your location? It happens everywhere around the world, day and night — we can’t go on pretending.