What Patrice Evra thinks of Manchester United will surprise you

Manchester United finished 6th on the English Premier League table for the 2016-17 season but despite calls for coach Jose Mourinho’s head, Patrice Evra wants critics to cut him some slack.

Evra, 36, now plays for Ligue 1 club side Marseille.

Image: Patrice Evra

The son to a Senegalese diplomat arrived France as a one-year-old but broke the chains to become a captain for both United and France.

Evra was praised by Sir Alex Ferguson for his leadership roles and an exemplary character during his days at Old Trafford.

Last Sunday, the Dakar-born footballer was at United for Michael Carrick’s testimonial. It was a chance for him to relate with his former teammates after leaving the club 8 years ago.

“This is not a circus,” the left-footed player told MUTV during an interview. He made efforts to defend his former coach Mourinho, who football analysts belittled for crashing out of EPL’s top four.

Although United got a second chance to feature in this year’s UEFA Champions League competitions following their Europa Cup and EFL Cup achievements, Evra says critics should apply positivism sometimes.

Image: Patrice Evra

“This year they qualified for the Champions League and some people said they did not play good football, but we are not in the circus,” Evra told club website.

“They have been criticized a lot. A lot of people are jealous about Man United so they just keep criticizing, even when they win.

“If you want to enjoy football then, yes 2008 was great and different, but people have to forget that and concentrate on this current Manchester United team. That would be my message to the United fans.

“I always say, this is my home and I feel that way. Thanks to all the fans they are all amazing. 

“For me it’s just a dream. Like I say I love Man United and I will always love Man United. It is not a fake love.’

The 2008 CL winner continued, “We need to be behind Man United always when they win or lose. If you love Man United you should never criticise them, you need to support them. When a player has a bad game, the fans never boo him.”

Image: Patrice Evra

For his performance in the 2008/09 season, Evra was named among in the FIFPro World XI and the UEFA Team of the Year.

He won two Serie A trophies and a Supercoppa Italia with Italian club side Juventus before making a switch to Ligue 1 in January, 2017.

“Be like my panda! I’m black, white, Asian and chubby! Say no to racism!” he wrote in a social media post last year. His funny tweet was a move against racism in sports.