Walking in your shoes

Don’t ask me to walk in your shoes; they might limit my natural abilities

There’re many options to choose (from) in a world of limitless opportunities

Let me walk or run at my pace; I know there is no shame in small beginnings

You can criticize my mistakes; but clap and cheer me up if I stumble and fall


Tell me there’s no magic wand (for success); that it’s more of hard work and a bit of luck

Allow me to choose what I want; you might never know what luck there is in hard work

You can give me a helping hand, but don’t make me depend on you when I should not

Teach me the ways of the ants, but don’t make me work like elephants and eat grass


You can lose faith my me and say, “walk in my shoes if you want to be a legend!”

“It takes more courage than just faith, to win gold with that audacious voice in your head”

You have the right to your opinions, but it’s up to me to quit and die where I stand

Or choose my battles and weapons, and prove a few things only to myself, not you


I’ll not walk in your shadow; the darkness will envelop and rule my destiny

I won’t stop trying or stoop low; there’s so much to win if I learn to trust in me

Help me discover my own path, because I’m something the whole world has never seen

Then we can talk, smile, and laugh at—what I’d never be in your pricy pair of shoes