Unbelievable! Katy Perry boldly reveals he ‘bedroom’ secrets

Katy Perry isn’t so secretive about her private life, and she doesn’t mind letting fans learn more about her sex secrets.

Image: Katy Perry

The 32-year-old singer says her sex life is at its best now notwithstanding her recent heartbreaking split from famous actor Orlando Bloom.

Kat revealed her sex secrets during a recent gig at The Water Rats pub in London.

The soon-to-be American Idol judge who brandishes her huge boobs like an AK-47, told reporters that sex gets to its best at 30, if it’s not rape or earned through some other kinds of threat.

“Let me tell you,” she started, “if you’re not having great sex now, in your 30s it’s going to be amazing.

“I can’t speak for those of you in your 40s but I’m sure (the sex is) better… it’s fun, consensual, and intimate.”

Image shows Katy Perry at the 2016 Golden Globes Awards.

The “Fireworks” singer also revealed to her numerous British fans that the song “Bon Appetit” has its theme on her new-found love and appreciation for sex.

“[Sex], That’s what ‘Bon Appetit’ is about,” she said, “loving that beautiful thing.

She continued: “Just accepting it, now it’s so much fun. I used to be able not to hug people, it was really sad. Now I just want to hug everyone.”

Bon Appetit is strictly a sex song and the singer says she used to be “the queen of innuendo” but not anymore. She’s now in a new phase of music which she wants fans to appreciate.

Earlier in the year, Kat said: “All of my songs have always had layers to them, never one-dimensional.

“I think I used to be the queen of innuendo and I woke up a little bit more, educated myself a little bit more, but obviously don’t know all the answers, and maybe I’m a little bit more the queen of subtext.

“I think it’s a song that starts conversations and I think that’s what we need more than ever. There’s so much divisiveness and people on one side or the other and I think we just need to listen to each other.”

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