UK resident complains about a potholed street, gets shocking reactions from other countries

You don’t really care about how bad a road is until you are the one using said bad road. The same applies to snow in winter—you don’t really care about it until all of your regular parking spots become piles of snow and you can’t but try and improvise your parking until the snow melts.

Anyway, this British humor without context page on Twitter, very appropriately called No Context Brits, has recently shared a picture of a pretty rough road—one that has been patched up so much, it’s just ridiculous at this point. “Only in Britain would a road look like this,” he captioned the post.

And while the post got almost 95,000 likes with over 10,300 retweets and 21,100 quote tweets, turns out this bit of road wasn’t all that bad, as it spawned a slew of responses showing off all of the more horrible roads around the world.

Meziesblog has created a curated list of some of the best bad road flexes people shared in response to this now-viral tweet, which you can find below.