ISIS Bans Referees For Obeying FIFA Rules Instead Of Sharia.

IS (Islamic State) has reportedly banned football referees in one of its Syrian strongholds as the fight against western culture spirals out of control.

The militants believe referees in the beautiful round leather game are violating “commands of Allah” by implementing Fifa rules which they see as “evil”. How is this so?

The UK-based Syrian Observatory or Human Rights (SOHR) said commanders had also drawn up a list of rules detailing how injured football players can be compensated by their opponents under Sharia law.

It’s bad business when players are injured, kept out of business for weeks or months while the bills continue to roll in on their contractors.

Somehow, Sharia laws may be right for once, don’t you think?

A situation where any club and player who’s responsible for injuries to their opponents are made to bear the cost of treatments and more, may add more to FIFA’s Fair Play.

According to a report, the militant group ruled that football referees “do not judge according to what Allah has revealed” and that these were a “violation of Allah’s command and the Sunnah”.

The IS takes punitive action against those who flout its decisions and edicts. This includes flogging, shooting, beheading and burning suspects.

Image: FIFA Fair Play

The group has been striving to retain control over  Deir ez-Zor where forces loyal to President Bashar al-Assad have launched an offensive.
The IS has been grappling with several significant defeats across Iraq and Syria over the past months.
Its propaganda chief Abu Muhammad al-Adnani was killed this week, PTPT wrote.