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Books are unarguably one of the most powerful things you can own. They broaden your view of the world around you and guide you through the path of possibilities. And what more? Reading the right book empowers you with years of experience and enhances your ability to generate some mind-blowing ideas of your own.

According to Harry S. Truman (the 33rd President of the United States of America), “Not all readers are leaders but all leaders are readers.”

It might also interest you to know that Elon Musk (the brain behind Tesla Motors and SpaceX), Steve Jobs and Bill Gates have an inexhaustible interest in reading books from different fields of knowledge. You should therefore inculcate reading as one of your daily habits. Choose to be educated rather than to be entertained.

Whether you are a business manager, organizational leader, entrepreneur, scholar or an avid reader of good books, these are some of the few quality books in management and leadership that people are talking about:


Book Title: “Dangote Cement; Achieving Sustainable Growth by Maximizing Opportunities from Nigeria’s Backward Integration Policy (BIP)”

Publisher: Lambert Academic Publishing

Author: Chimezie Kingsley Irobiko

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This research on Dangote Cement Plc, Nigeria, explains the crucial role of strategic, mutually benefiting business-state relationship in global management. It examines the impact of government incentives in industrial transformation of nations, particularly how policies can transform business startup into a successful brand (multinational corporation).

Using some easy-to-understand management theories and analytical frameworks (such as the systems theory, CATWOE, Rich Picture, SSM, SWOT analysis, Meta model, etc.), the writer analysed links between market shrewdness, politics and business survivability. The purpose is to understand the secret behind Mr. Aliko Dangote’s milestone in cement manufacturing business and proffer workable solutions for sustainable profits.

The book is a must-read for research students, entrepreneurs and business managers.

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Book Title: “Achieving Growth through Commitment on Workers’ Welfare; A Case Study of Nigerian Breweries Plc”

Publisher: Lambert Academic Publishing

Author: Chimezie Kingsley Irobiko

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“Achieving Growth through Commitment on Workers’ Welfare; A Case Study of Nigerian Breweries Plc” is a value-based management research which aims at identifying effective strategies that help managers to control diminishing returns and increase market visibility for their organizations. It explores the impact of managerial competence and employees’ welfare on value creation, customer satisfaction and profitability. The purpose is to properly balance the interests of Employees, Investors, Customers, and the Marketplace.

Basically, this systematic study tests the efficacy of management theories and juxtaposes findings with practicability in modern-day business environments.

The book is enriched for business leaders and entrepreneurs striving to create value-added goods and services in order to achieve sustainable competitive advantage.

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Book Title: “Nursing Practice; A Review of Literatures”

Publisher: Lambert Academic Publishing

Author: Chimezie Kingsley Irobiko

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“Nursing Practice; a Review of Literatures” is concise and systematically researched. The book contains a user-friendly guide for practicing nurses and social care professionals and explains — in plain language — what everyone should expect from healthcare providers. It covers critical areas of nursing practice for the purpose of translating findings into strategic, practical, and actionable steps that everyone can take right now.

Section 1 provides a user-friendly guide for Learning Disability Nurses (LDNs) and healthcare professionals. The focus is on mental health and people with learning disability.

Section 2 is a small-scale qualitative study, which explores nurses’ responsibility to identify unprofessional activities in hospitals and raise concerns about poor patient care — through appropriate channels. This part provides strategic solutions that promote civil behaviours and increase professional resilience.

Section 3 is a critique literature on “Workplace Violence and Nursing Practice” written by Stephen Tee, Yeter Sinem Üzar Özçetin, and Michele Russell-Westhead in 2016. It balances the scholars’ methodology and results against their specified research objectives.

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