Timely Preparation is all you need for Greatness

‘They prepare…in the summer,’ Proverbs 30: 20 (NKJV). The path to greatness starts with a timely preparation for everything and anything worth doing.

As a kid, I learnt this rhyme from a book. It reads: “Early to bed, early to rise, makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise.”

Now back to the bible verse. Ants are small, but smart; ‘they store up food all summer’ (Verse 25 NLT). Do you remember the story about the ant and the grasshopper?

In summertime the ant is busy working, gathering food while the grasshopper plays. Winter sadly arrived and the ant retires to his home and enjoys with enough food to see him through the harsh weather. He paid the price with hard work and timely planning, so now is the time to live a good life.

Regrettably, the grasshopper paid the ultimate price for his laziness. He starved to death with no one there to lend him some food.

It’s always easy for people to wish for the best things in life without putting their faith to work. Of course, the bible says “faith without work is dead.”

Understand that the only adequate preparation for tomorrow is the wise use of today.

Think about this. As a student, did you ever prepare very well for exams that the day came and you saw yourself walking into the hall with total confidence? You knew no question will pose a problem, and there was no fear of failure.

You must have also noticed some other students who partied all semester and never prepared themselves until the last minute. Now I see you smiling at the flashback.

Well, you can apply this brief example to your daily life.

How can you accept your life the way it is instead of charting the course for excellence?

Life isn’t a drama rehearsal. Believe it or not, opportunities come but once – only for those who are prepared for it.

A lazy minded person will always believe there’ll be another chance, but sadly, a million chances would have also disappeared in his hands if he had them.

Benjamin Disraeli said: “The secret of success in life is to be ready when the time comes.”

Food for thought: “If God gave you everything you’re praying for right now, would you be ready to handle it?

“Nothing great is suddenly created, and success doesn’t occur overnight. Each is a process.”

The fact is, everyday of your life is preparation for the next one, if you understand this circle of life. But the question is, what are you preparing for? And how are you preparing?

“Everyday you are preparing for something or someone. Large tasks? Small tasks? Doesn’t really matter. When you continually prepare, you’ll be ready.”

Look deep within your heart and ask yourself if you’re preparing for success or failure.