Save Me From My Boobs: 11-year-old cries out for help

An 11-year-old girl whose breasts have grown to a life-threatening size, is begging governments and organizations to help save her life.

The helpless girl is said to be a class five pupil from Segbwema Roman Catholic Primary School located in Jaluahun chiefdom, Kailahun district of Sierra Leone.

Mamie Sam, real name of the girl whose melons have grown too big that she can barely keep up with school or daily activities, has sent an SOS to the government and other humanitarian organizations. She wants someone, anyone, and everyone to “immediately come to her aid as she is not at peace at the moment,” Awoko reports.

Sam is currently under looked after by her grand parents – Saidu Moriba and Mamie Sellu. They live at 9 Poimie road, Lago square section, Sebwema town, reports confirm.

The 11-year-old girl spoke with reporters in her search for help.

“Sometime last year, I went on a fishing expedition together with my grand mother and other women in the town,” she said.

“After the exercise I felt my breasts growing bigger in size.

“After joining the older women during a bath in the river, one of them looked at my breasts and said they were becoming abnormally big.

“She said it wasn’t a good thing for me.

“I went back home at home but my breasts itched throughout the night. I couldn’t sleep because of the discomfort.

“Since that time, my breasts never stopped itching. And it keeps growing with every itch and scratch.”

The young girl said she attended school the following day but had to quit because other kids made a caricature of her giant size boobs. She hasn’t been to school for over a year now.

Sam said she spent her first three primary school years at Ansarul Primary School before switching to a Roman Catholic Primary School where she has spent nearly 2 years.

Several herbalists have taken turns in offering treatments to bring her breasts back to normal but the efforts have so far yielded no fruits. Her parents have also sought help at Segbwema’s Nixon Memorial hospital.

The girl said her parents divorced a few years ago. Her father Sam Momoh currently resides at Yawaju village in Jaluahun chiefdom and her Mum Satta Simah now resides in Freetown.

“I always stay home alone, either crying or sleeping,” the sad girl reveals. She’s asking God, “why me?”

Her grandfather, Saidu Moriba said in a statement: “This is the first time I’m seeing such wonder in my whole life. We are confused and have no clue on what to do.

“My family have visited prayer houses and offered sacrifices on her behalf, yet the problem remains.”

The family is asking anyone with help to hurry and find them.