I-M-P-E-A-C-H Note: US State Dept science envoy resigns through a Twitter post

President Donald Trump has erroneously “impeached” a State Department science envoy who resigned from his position through a Twitter post on 23 August, 2017.

The disgruntled American tweeted his resignation letter with the first letter of each paragraph spelling out the word ‘I-M-P-E-A-C-H.’

By his Twitter post, Daniel Kammen has joined the long list of citizens in Donald Trump’s advisory councils who resigned following the president’s response to Charlottesville.

Kammen is an energy expert who runs the University of California at Berkeleyl’s Renewable and Appropriate Energy Lab.



‘Mr. President, I am resigning from my position as Science Envoy for the Department of State of the United States of America. Your response to Charlottesville enables racism, sexism, & harms our country and planet,’ read part of Kammen’s letter.

‘My decision to resign is in response to your attacks on core values of the United States,’ he continues.

In Kammen’s perfectly written letter, each sentence in every paragraph used I-M-P-E-A-C-H accordingly. The capital letters where also highlighted in red and pink background.

Experts believe Mr. Kammen is calling on the House of Representatives and Senate to consider a political action against Mr. Trump who took reigns of office earlier this year.

The letter also highlighted Mr. President’s “unbelievable and thoughtless” decision to pull out of the Paris climate agreement.

‘Your actions to date have, sadly, harmed the quality of life in the United States, our standing abroad, and the sustainability of the planet,’ Kammen wrote.

According to the State Department, science envoys ‘leverage their expertise and networks to forge connections and identify opportunities for sustained international cooperation. Science Envoys focus on issues of common interest in science, technology, and engineering fields and usually serve for one year.’

Daniel Kammen tweeted out his resignation letter from a State Department science advisory post with a letter that spelled out 'I-M-P-E-A-C-H'

Kammen's letter sent a subtle message to President Trump, who has faced a raft of resignations from outside advisors following his Charlottesville remarks

Mr. President’s “controversial” Charlottesville remarks has weighed heavily on his officials, including external advisors who felt the need to withdraw their loyalty to his government by subtle means.

Trump finds nothing wrong with his comments about a white supremacist rally in Charlottesville, and mocked critics who he said, “scrutinized the spoken words out of context.”

The US president repeated “violence” and said there were a lot of “very fine people” among the rioters who protested the removal of Robert E. Lee statue.

Kammen’s letter seem to have supported a previous one which was posted earlier this month by an official from Trump’s Arts and Humanities Council who resigned with ‘R-E-S-I-S-T.’

Ealier in August, the US President dissolved his business and advisory councils in response to resignations and protests from a good number of CEOs.

“Thank you all!” he wrote in a tweet announcing the decision with a ripple effect which preempted one of the councils conclusion to disband on its own.