The Secret of Great Managers

As much as we need employees with winsome attitude in addition to their skills, their productivity and commitment will be determined by their managers.

Managers are the key to the management of an organization, to the extent that they affect the management of the company. They connect the upper and lower levels of the organization and play an important role as the centre of organizational management as a bridge. If the managers are excellent, the management of the organization will be smooth.

Managers will make or mar your organization!

In their book “First Break all the Rules”, Marcus Buckingham and Curt Coffman of the Gallup Organization presented the remarkable findings of its revolutionary study of more than 80,000 managers. They noted that satisfied employees are the only way to long-term success and managers control how happy employees are; in fact, people leave managers and not companies.

Here are our recommendations for managers:

  1. Acknowledge efforts of your team members but only reward results – the performers
  2. Always Communicate clearly & Consistently- Set Clear Goals for your team.
  3. Manage by Exception: understand that each team member is different in perception and style of operation; treat them accordingly. Focus on each member’s strength, find their right fit and turn their talents into performance.
  4. Give praise always in public and criticize in private.
  5. Know Yourself: you need emotional fortitude to be honest with yourself and be able to accommodate divergent thoughts and opinions in the Business’s best interests.
  6. Know your People and your Business: You need the technical knowledge. You cannot reasonably ask people to do what you do not understand or know how to do.
  7. Insist on Realism: Make sure you are being honest with yourself and your team’s capabilities. Look at the facts. Do not hide mistakes. We can only make great decisions and execute at a high level if we understand the details and facts of the business.
  8. Example is the best means to instruct or inspire others; Show and tell them to lead by examples.
  9. Accept full responsibility for the actions of the people under you.
  10. Never ask anyone under you to do anything you are unable—or unwilling—to do yourself.
  11. Be enthusiastic always! You are daily on a stage; they are watching U!
  12. When you give assignments, follow through.
  13. Expand people’s capabilities by offering regular training and opportunities for career growth.
  14. You must be fair but firm with your team, show concern for their needs and do all you can to meet their reasonable requests. Never pamper, familiarity breeds contempt.