The menace of corruption in Nigeria

A Governor in one of the nigerian states wanted to paint the Government house.

He calls for quotations from interested companies..

Chinese firm quoted 3 million.

European firm quoted 7 million..

Nigerian firm quoted 10 million…

The Governor asked the Chinese firm..”.. How did you quote 3 million?”

Chinese firm replied. “1 million for paint, 1 million for labour and 1 million profit..”

The Governor asked European firm.. They replied, “3 million for paint 2 million for labour and 2 million profit…”

The Governor asked Nigerian firm..

They replied, “4 million for you…3 million for me…. and the Chinese firm takes 3 million for the painting job!!”

Your guess is as good as mine, The Nigerian firm got the contract!

Systemic corruption is ‘killing’ Nigeria and change is needed right now or never.

corruption in Nigeria

Note; The story here is a fiction used to illustrate the Nigerian quagmire (Irobiko Chimezie Kingsley).

Corruption is like a ball of snow, once it is set rolling, it must increase.” Corruption is indeed a poison which squanders government resources, deters investment, stunts economic growth, undermines democracy and good governance, fuels poverty and hunger, and creates political instability. It flourishes if people who hold authority are dishonest, state institutions weak, there is lack of true accountability and transparency in governance, and disregard for the rule of law.

Instead of containing and eliminating corruption, it has actually been promoted in a big way. It has now become a way of life and has permeated every segment of our society. It has got the status of an industry, a most lucrative and profitable one.

This menace of corruption can be curbed and cured by formulating stringent laws, protecting whistleblowers, developing a culture of hatred against this evil, ensuring merit and transparency in government decision-making processes, curtailing discretionary powers, making the judiciary more assertive and independent so that it can provide speedy justice, and eradicating poverty, hunger and unemployment. The civil society and the media’s roles are of utmost importance in this regard.

One of the biggest curses from which Nigeria is suffering is bribery and corruption; we must put it down with an iron hand.