The Golden Penny

Lonely, for ten months only

Rossy found a golden fairy

Coldly, for it was snowy,

she asked for a golden penny

Flapping its large, scary wings,

it says, “You don’t have heart for this!”

“Who cares for a heart?” she says

“Worry not for a cunning fox”


New, was the golden penny

Rossy got from the golden fairy

Sadly, for it was borrowed,

the fairy asked for a hollow

“Promise to keep this secret,”

it says, “follow the open street”

She kissed and hid its penny

like a dumb nun from Chang’s Hong Kong


“I’ll follow no damn hollow!”

dumb Rossy smiles at her looming sorrow

“My treasure, you’re so precious!”

But it’s just a moment’s pleasure

She flipped and flipped it twelve times

a day until the fairy’s punchline,

“That penny was your paradise,

the hollow your la la land!”


Rossy peeps through the hollow

and sorrows for there’s no more tomorrow

“Give me just one more chance, please,”

she languished in pain and anguish

“Lavish me with river full

of tears or vanish to Liverpool!

“You think with your head, not your heart!

“You had one chance but missed it!”