Sample Statement of Purpose for MBA

Studying for an MBA requires strength of character and a certain determination. At a young age, I learned the core attributes of patience, focus and perseverance as the only secret to success. In recent years, I’ve had a successful career not because I’m a genius, but because determination is the driving force of my life and I work very hard towards set goals.

My unique character has passed through a litmus test; I worked as a medical assistant (front desk), sales representative, and currently an account manager. This steady transition and growth can be seen as a core professional achievement from my perspective. I believe the unique blend has broadened my perspective to life and given me a more complex goal to pursue. Although I relish my success in an industry-respected firm, having earned my current position, I am eager to grow in my career by acquiring advanced knowledge.

California State University is my choice for this program because of its policies which are student-focused, and its combination of academic and practical approach to teaching. I am also well informed of the highly respected position the school of business enjoys. Having maintained a good track record of academic success and with the commitment I have always attached to my duties, I believe that I would be of great value to the CSULB’s MBA program.The fact that your university has a reputation for its efficient 48-unit program structure and its curriculum presents an exacting course profile which exposes scholars to the fundamental principles of business and financial operations, presents a higher potential for me to realize my career prospects.

In furtherance, my interest in this graduate program is because of its focus on synergistic and practical business challenges. I believe I will bring an enterprising and motivational approach to collaborative exercises from my past experiences. Obtaining an MBA will present me with a broader understanding of applicable approaches in developing my managerial and research skills which will burgeon my expertise in the field of business administration and global corporate financial service.

For the now, my future career goal is to be availed the opportunity to wangle higher levels in the corporate world. Obtaining an MBA is the perfect platform for this ascent. I’m also highly interested in the knowledge and prestige it bequeaths on the holders.

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