Sample Statement of Purpose for BBA (Law) & LLB


It takes perseverance, tremendous drive and focus to be an achiever; and, having long-term goals often serves as a dim light towards the edge of any seemingly endless tunnel. My efforts to acquire a double degree – BBA (Law) & LLB – was roused by an innate character which often drives me towards intellectual enrichment. Importantly, a combination of life experiences, foundational education and burgeoning career have played huge roles in sculpting me into an ambitious person and attending law school is my next propitious adventure.

Surrounded by business conversations at the dinner table since a young age, my interest in exploring various kinds of business strategies and disciplines have grown over the years. My first time in a business planning process was during junior form, when I had an opportunity to design and order notebooks for sale, list financial income and outcome, and sort out data. During this process, I found the complex-yet-orderly nature of business very fascinating. Reflecting on the past now, I reckon that the importance of having a group of people with the same vision to unite in order to effectively utilize the skills and resources is the essence of business. Moreover, through my daily observation, I also realized that business is all about creatively transforming and improving the everyday world. Hoping to meet people’s needs has affirmed my passion towards business.

I have conviction that my prospects of a law school are certain rather than a probability, having devoted my undergraduate years and beyond towards acquiring all necessary skills, knowledge and mental toughness required for an admission. My professional career is suitably projected between law and finance, which are agreeably a flawless combination.

I enrolled for an International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme (IBDP) to boost my chances of enjoying a successful program at the reputable Hong Kong University, which boasts of producing the first team to efficaciously control the corona virus, commonly known as the causal agent of SARS. My experience at the HKU Summer Institute was memorable; I exchanged ideas with a few students and was thrilled to know that the university’s mix of comprehensive teaching and highly interactive education is second to none. They never stopped talking about how their lecturers’ professionalism, commitment and advanced research techniques helped transform them into all-rounded and disciplined students.

For its long list of renowned buildings/faculties, well-structured academic and research program, track record of achievements in different fields, quality teaching staff, and flexible academic calendar, HKU is my best choice for an LLB (Law) degree. My online study shows your university ranks first in Hong Kong; 3rd globally, according to Top Universities’ international outlook. In furtherance, the institution is 1st in Dentistry around the world, a position it has maintained for a consecutive second year, among other milestones.

I am very passionate about law and my leadership experience as an ex-Vice President of the Students’ Union, co-founder of a Students’ Magazine Club and IB Diploma equipped me with the confidence, excellent interpersonal/leadership skills, management shrewdness, analytical and empirical reasoning, and a burning desire for self-development which I require to excel under guidance from your team of experiences lecturers who I am convinced, will drill me to perfection with their professional knowledge and intensive training. I consider myself a smart and highly-motivated student with a penchant for broad education which, for me, is a prerequisite towards enjoying flexibility in my career choices.

With a degree from HKU, I will have the expertise to gallantly waggle between Investment Banking, Corporate Finance, as well as other legal and accounting professions. In addition to advancing my career, it will also enhance my contributions to building a world of equality, justice and fairness. The potentials are limitless.

Hong Kong is recognized as the international business hub, and serves as a fascinating, exciting and inspiring academic environment for the study and practice of law. I am therefore keen to join the list of proud Hong Kong University graduates who are playing a bigger, more challenging and relevant roles in business and humanitarian law, among other boundless horizons around the world.

I have the technical aptitude to excel in the field of law and I believe my background, maturity, and professional experience will form the basis of my unique contributions to the profession and management at HKU. It is my hope that these points will sufficiently qualify me for a spot in your LLB (Law) program.