Statement of Purpose for PhD.

I am fascinated by the paradox of life: how genes and proteins regulate and function in an organism; how humans draw breath; and the intricate working of cells, especially the brain which, just like nature, is all about synchronization. Initial curiosities led me into the captivating world of sciences, and this innate character gained impetus during my undergraduate/post graduate studies at Heritage Institute of Technology, Kolkata, India.

My doctoral study is a watershed in the journey of education, not as an end but a means to achieving life-fulfilling careers in our world-shattering workplace where the field of science has opened opportunities for growth in newer dimensions. A perfect mix of theory and practical knowledge in molecular biology, biochemistry, and computational biology spurred my aspiration as an ever-inquisitive physician, biologist and medical practitioner who aims to properly identify, explore, and discover multifarious mysteries of the inner workings of life in our micro-universe.

My interest in life sciences was born of a need to meaningfully contribute towards improving lives, not only in India, but in all parts of the world by eradicating all setbacks in the global health care system, and I am delighted to be getting closer to achieving this goal. I come from India, one of the worst-hit developing countries in terms of pathetically backward medical conditions – a continual increase in maternal/child death rate, low standard of living, inadequate healthcare facilities, as well as prevalent curable diseases killing a shocking number in the densely populated country.

During my previous studies, I was intrigued by disease and infection biology, which acquainted me with vast knowledge and skills needed for a higher-level research and inspired my agitation to touch lives with further trainings. I learned about Advanced Genetic Engineering, Advanced Enzyme Technology, Advanced Food Biotechnology, among others, in my 2-year master’s degree program and graduated with a 9.01 GPA on a scale of 10. I humbly perceive the rewarding effort as an underlying motivator to further educational milestones –  a certification of course completion on Preparation for Introductory Technology: DNA to Organisms from University of California (2014); DNA from Structure to Therapy awarded by Jacob’s University, Bremen, Germany (2014); special recognition from West Bengal State Council of Science & Technology and National Council for Science, Technology and Communication, DST, New Delhi (2013); an outstanding paper award in Medical Science at the First Regional Science & Technology Congress (2016), and another such award from the 24th West Bengal Science & Technology Congress in 2017.

Considering the recorded academic achievements and my interest in Microbial pathogenesis, Host-pathogen interactions, Medical Microbiology, Molecular mechanism of diseases & immune response, and Molecular modelling & drug designing, I have great confidence that I will benefit from further challenging researches at your reputable university with interesting structures and highly organized PhD program considered among the world’s elite institutions. As a Teaching Assistant at Heritage Institute of Technology, Kolkata, the blossoming career draws inspiration from my painstaking pursuit for self-development through unrelenting academic studies, competent skills and proven knowledge gained through thorough researches, conferences, trainings, and internships. Remarkably, the broadened understanding I gathered in my post-graduate dissertation on Staphylococcus aureus biofilm infections, as well as the time I spent as an undergraduate intern at the National Institute of Cholera & Enteric Diseases and National Institute of Technology, Durgapur, gave me a foundational experience on disease biology through laboratories with prokaryotic and eukaryotic systems, where I discovered my niche in studying how the cell’s own processes propel regeneration of damaged or diseased tissue.

The highlight of my post-graduate years was the invaluable opportunity I had to practicalize my acquired skills and knowledge by thoroughly observing, analysing, recording, and theorizing on different concepts in the field of life science. Sharing of ideas and love for new developments in science have always been a source of joy to me, as well as a chance to indulge my creative thinking and empirical reasoning – this made my academic presentations a good bargain.

My long-term career goal is to become an independent researcher, one who is currently interested in carrying out investigations on pathogenesis pathway and bacterial communication systems to gain a better insight on quorum sensing, signalling and mechanism involved in bacterial virulence to facilitate drug discovery. I have good interpersonal relationship skills, excellent command of English language, and quality leadership skills as a president and co-founder of a government-registered NGO, A.M.R.A., which provides education for underprivileged kids. In addition, I previously held the position of a director, Interact Club (a student wing of Rotary International).

I have conviction that an admission for a doctorate program in your university under guidance from your team of experienced professors and well-trained researchers will guarantee a chance for me to utilize my skills and exploit previously unknown areas. This wonderful prospect guaranteed by your superior research facilities will not only enhance my teaching-learning experience but guarantee growth on my 2-year career as a Teaching Assistant at Heritage Institute of Technology, Kolkata, India.

It is therefore my humble wish to gain admission for a PhD. program at your prestigious university.