Students Pay Fines For Failing Exams.

Students at Shangluo Vocational and Technological College (SVTC) in Central China has accused teachers of financial exploitation.

A report confirms that students from the technical college pay fines for giving wrong answers and even more when they fail in exams. Each student is made to pay a 100 yuan ($16) deposit from the beginning of the term.

Deductions are made from the deposit according the the number of questions failed or the kind of test taken, according to the students.

Teachers are docking 10 yuan for wrong answers in class; and a total of 5 yuan for littering.

If a student fails a subject in the final exam, the whole amount is forfeited.

The school’s Vice-president Zheng Qiang denied having knowledge of the fines. He said that his administration was unaware of the policy and vehemently condemned teachers for imposing such illegal cash fines on students.

Chinese Business View reported that students have called the policy “robbery”.

The Vice Principal said the school management is investigating if students actually pay fines for failing exams.