Police Arrested Woman for Stealing from a Corpse.

A woman shamelessly stole a ring worth $10 from a corpse before burial and police have arrested her. The deceased was 88 years old. This discovery was made from a surveillance video which recorded the funeral home in Texas and a tip-off helped police arrest the criminal.

Texas Woman Arrested for Stealing Ring from Corpse's Finger

The accused drove off in a car shortly afterwards.

Homfeld was taken in by the police for questioning yesterday afternoon. She confessed to the crime and tendered an apology before she was arrested.

Reports say the Odessa police have charged 41-year-old Kalynn Homfeld for theft from a human corpse.

The crime was discovered on Saturday but her reasons for visiting the Sunset Memorial Gardens & Funeral Home wasn’t stated in the report.

According to the police rep, “Regardless [of its price] it’s still the principal – if you steal a $10 or $10,000 ring you’re still committing a felony in the state of Texas.”

Cpl. LaSueur of the police in Odessa said Hicks’ family is relieved that Homfeld has been arrested. The family is still grieving their loss. “They seem relieved but it’s obviously one thing when you steal something and another when you steal something from a deceased person.

“We’re just glad we got the suspect and she’s in custody.”