She caught me cheating, please advise

Please my people, what have I done wrong?

My wife went to the market to buy one or two things and left my 4-month old baby to the 19-year-old house help. The little baby started crying and our housemaid did everything possible to calm the little girl. The toddler won’t just stop.

So, the maid tried breastfeeding her and it worked. That’s the explanation she offered after I walked into the sitting room and saw her large, attractive breast in my daughter’s mouth.

“Unbelievable!” I exclaimed in shock. I was particularly afraid that the toddler might contract infections.

Despite the daunting distraction, I mustered strength and screamed at our maid for the poor decision.

“I’m sorry, sir,” she said. “But there’s no milk in the breast.” I bluntly doubted her excuses.

Then she asked me to test it. I weighed the odds and obliged her request since no one was around to suspect anything. Sucking the breast was thrilling, especially when I moved to the other and squeezed more and more to be sure she wasn’t hoarding some milk there. But, just when I lost myself in the excitement, the worst happened–my wife walked in on us.

“It’s not what you think, my love,” I said, still panting while searching for the right words to explain my action.

Upon all my explanations, she refused to understand. The maid was hushed down and threatened with violence if she dared say a word. This has been a big problem between my wife and I, and our marriage is heading for the rocks.

How do I convince her that it was just an innocent sucking? Please advise.