Selena Gomez officially crowned Instagram Queen

Selena Gomez became the most popular celebrity on Instagram, having amassed the highest number of most followers some time in early March though it was unofficial. Now she has been crowned Instagram Queen, after she hit the 100-million follower mark.

Selena has made history as the first person ever to have achieved this on the social media platform.

Image: Selena Gomez

Previously in February, the singer who stood on top of the list with 69.4 million followers, threatened to delete her Instagram account after receiving backlash from a video she posted online. The video clip showed Selena singing along to Lil Wayne’s “Single”.

At that time, the 24-year-old had just upstaged Instagram‘s former queen–Taylor Swift, who was second with 69.2 million followers. Kim Kardashian trailed behind with over 63.6 million.

Good a thing, Selena didn’t follow up that threat with action just as her ex-boyfriend Justin Bieber did. A lesson to anyone who might be tempted to make silly mistakes in the face of severe provocations.

The “Come And Get Me” singer hasn’t uploaded any new pictures to her Instagram page for the past six weeks since she canceled her scheduled Revival Tour.

The pop star is currently undergoing treatment for anxiety and depression which are side effects from a disease called Lupus.

There’s no better way for fans to support their beautiful idol other than initiating the #SelenaBreakTheInternet campaign.

Music lovers and well wishers around the world took it upon themselves to make this a reality. The campaign was kicked off after her fans realized she was very close to reaching a record-breaking 100 million followers on Instagram. Finally, the efforts from fans paid off in a very short time.

Current records show Taylor Swift, Beyoncé and Ariana Grande are close behind with 91.4 million, 85.3 million and 85 million followers respectively.