Police impostor with gun and badge accosts two teens

A strange incident occured in Knox County where authorities said they are searching for an armed man who accosted two teenagers while posing as a law enforcement officer. The suspect was said to be driving an expensive gray-colored Audi A4 sedan.

Image: Audi A4 (File Photo).

The incident was reported Sunday afternoon by two 17-year-old boys who said the impostor followed them for several miles, then pulled in front of their car when they came to a stop at 7812 Emory Chase Lane in North Knox County, according to the Knox County Sheriff’s Office.

The man identified himself as a police officer and displayed a gun and badge. He demanded the teens get out of their car and lay on the ground while he searched their vehicle. The man did not take anything.

The impostor was described as a white male with brown hair, 25-30 years old, 5 feet 11 inches tall and approximately 180 pounds.

Anyone with information on the impostor is asked to call KCSO at 865-215-2243.