Security measures you shouldn’t ignore in Nigeria

As the security situation in Nigeria worsens with increasing cases of kidnappings, wanton destruction of properties, and bloodshed, the security agencies have urged every citizen and foreign national to be vigilant as they go about their lawful activities.

Here are some safety measures you shouldn’t ignore in Nigeria:

Nigerian police force
  1. Be observant, watchful and always ensure that you’re not being followed. If you suspect strange movement, drive to the nearest police station.

2. Keep the discussion of your financial dealings away from strangers especially while in public places or while talking on your mobile phone. Always keep a low profile.

3. Always keep your vehicle doors locked and windows rolled up, especially in traffic jams or traffic lights.

4. Do not use ATM services at remote locations, especially at night. Be wise to avoid armed robbers and kidnappers.

5. Do not stop to help strangers on the road, especially at night–unless you are sure of their identities.

6. Exercise precaution while walking at night. Do not jog at night if you can avoid it. Or exercise in a large group.

7. Ensure that you report any security incident to the Police. Be a friend to the Police.

8. Do not expose your handbag or phones while walking on the road or hanging out in public places.

9. Be armed. A small knife in the right hands can cause a lot of damage. But don’t stab, slash please.

10. Avoid taxis or free rides. Kidnappers don’t move around with name tags. And look well before taking commercial buses.

Stay vigilant….The perilous time will pass “someday”.