Secret Life Of CBB Chloe Khan Exposed By Ex-Husband.

Chloe gives the impression of an extravagant life on social media

Chloe Khan, sure you remember her name, the Celebrity Big Brother (CBB) housemate who was evicted last weekend after a live sex on TV with Stephen Bear, has been called an “unrepentant liar” by her ex-husband.

Chloe claims to be a “self-made millionaire” but her ex says the status is all an exaggeration.

Chloe Mafia

Image shows Chloe and some friends flying on a private jet.

Ian Hough was in a 6-year relationship with Chloe, 25. Both share a daughter named Destiny, reports confirm.

The Celebrity Big Brother star changed her surname from Heald to Khan after marrying Mohammed Imran Khan in 2011.

According to Ian, the 25-year-old star claims to be living a lavish life on social media, and that’s not the truth because she’s not who people think she is.

Her ex claims she tried to recruit girls from the estate they grew up on for her webcam business - but they all declined her off

Chloe and Ian tied the knot about 6 years ago, he reveals in a tell-all interview.

The young man revealed that his baby mama “never emigrated to America” but has lived in a “regular” rented house with her mom in Yorkshire.

‘She’s not a millionaire or anything close to that,’ Ian told The Sun.

‘Yeah she did try to build a webcam business by recruiting girls from the estate in Wakefield, but no one wanted to know.

‘All the girls she went to high school with, turned her down,‘ he said.

Everybody's Secret was another business advertising by Chloe which hasn't yet launched

Image shows Chloe’s advert for the failed webcam business.

According to the report, Chloe shot to limelight after taking part on the X Factor in 2010. After that, she disappeared from spotlight for about 5 years waiting for the shame to fade away.

In 2015 the CBB star made headlines again when she showed up on the arm of billionaire Spearmint Rhino CEO John Gray.

Having a wealthy man on her side, she was said to have boasted about owning a booming bank account balance and a Hollywood makeover.

Chloe Mafia

Chloe told everyone who cared to listen that she spent a few years in the United States so she could “feel accepted”.

In addition to building up her self-acclaimed Hollywood celebrity status, she claims to have set up her own adult webcam business which employs over 50 people but later had to leave America for the United Kingdom amid Visa issues.

The star - who spends a lot of time in America - gives the impression of living in a big house

Sometime last year, Chloe was quoted as saying: “My lifestyle is pretty incredible now – it’s mansions and private jets and everything else that I could only imagine when I was younger.”

However, Ian refuted those claims on luxury, saying: “She never lived in America!

“How could she when she had to be in the UK for her visitations with her daughter?

“She got in touch with a company that do escorting over there and she would only ever go to see the rich clients they’d arrange for a few days then come straight back.

“Then she’d upload all her pics and fool people.

“Everything she brags about on Instagram was always with their money.”

Chloe claims that after finding infamy in the UK, she moved to America to "feel accepted"

Image shows Chloe wearing her flashy underwear inside the Playboy mansion.

“[Talking of her brief relationship with billionaire John Gray] Yeah it’s true they met at the Playboy mansion, but she wasn’t invited to the party.

“She paid thousands to attend just so she could take pictures inside to pretend she was a Playmate, and then she met John when she was in there.”

However, Ian revealed she never actually moved and remained in Yorkshire

Image shows Chloe inside the Playboy mansion.

Company Checker reveals Chloe has registered several businesses in her name over recent years, but none have filed any accounts, The Sun reveals.

Diamond Doll Models Limited and Private Jet Couture Limited are some of the companies she claims to own–both were actually registered by the housemate on August 17, 2015 but the website reads: “This page is under construction and full website will be available soon.”

Chloe at home with John Gray

Image shows Chloe and billionaire buddy John Gray.

Further on the report, public files reveal Private Jet Couture [one of Chloe’s registered companies] has one listed shareholder, her mother Helen Heald who also has shares to the value of 50p in the said business.

Ian [Chloe’s ex-husband] was asked about last year when the “celebrity” revealed that she was “so grateful” to have acquired a six-bedroom house in Yorkshire, following her zero to hero life story.

He said: “When my daughter was at her house during a visit the landlord came round.

“She tried to hide it when he knocked on, but my family member who has full custody of Destiny was there at the time has to know who is visiting the house.

“My family member feared he could have been a sleazy client.”

Chloe's modest rented home is a far cry from her "LA Princess" image

Chloe’s landlord purchased the detached property she lives in for £205,000 in March 2015, the report said. And the picture below shows where she claims to be living in.

Is it all a lie? Ian claims Chloe takes strategic selfies to fool fans online

When asked about the type of house Chloe lives in, Ian responded: “At the moment she lives with her mum, if she’s there.

“It’s just a normal regular house, not a mansion or anything.

“She knows how to fool people and she’s good at it… her whole profile is fake.”

Meanwhile, Daily Star reported that Chloe’s husband Mohammed Imran Khan–the one who married her in 2011, if they’re still a couple–said in a message he allegedly shared from the woman’s Instagram page:

“There is a lot of speculation and bad press about Chloe’s private and family life. It’s very sad for me to see that yet again supposed friends of Chloe’s are selling stories on her to make a bit of money at her expense.

“Myself and Chloe were married years ago, it ended very amicably and we remain the best of friends. I am running her social media accounts for her whilst she is in the house, and she always has my full support.”

Chloe Khan in diary room

Image: Chloe Khan

The report from Daily Star added that former X Factor and Celebrity Big Brother star “has Mohammed’s initials inked on her ring finger and he is believed to still live in her Leeds mansion”.

An unnamed source added: “Chloe’s biggest secret is that she is married, which is why she changed her surname from Heald to Khan.

“He is a British Pakistani from Bradford, and they have been married since 2011. They are living together at her mansion in Leeds.

“They are still 100% together, they went for dinner just before she went into CBB. They’ve known each other since they were kids.”

Would a married woman take part in X-rated shows with a husband’s consent, and have sex on live TV?

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