Hillary Clinton: Separating The Lies From The Truth.

It’s no news that majority of Americans and non-Americans think Hillary Clinton a liar, but public opinion as confirmed from surveys hasn’t been enough to guarantee her failure in the presidential race. She’s still a saint to many others who believe “lying” is an inseparable” part of politics.

Image: Hillary Clinton

Graham Moore wrote in Quora: “Mrs. Clinton is a serial liar because she has a history of questionable behavior and dishonesty.”

While Clinton supporters will often point to a lack of hard evidence for criminal wrongdoing as a way to defend her, her actions raise enough red flags to indicate that she is not trustworthy, he added.

These are the some examples in his argument:


While campaigning to become president in 2007/2008, Hillary Clinton repeatedly claimed that she had been threatened by “sniper fire” during a visit to Bosnia in 1996. She incorporated the following account into one of her foreign policy speeches, apparently to improve perceptions of her foreign policy experience: “I remember landing under sniper fire. There was supposed to be some kind of a greeting ceremony at the airport, but instead we just ran with our heads down to get into the vehicles to get to our base.”

The story of landing under sniper fire was a falsehood. Reporters who were with Clinton during her trip in 1996 claimed there was no sniper fire.

The Washington Post reported that, “A review of nearly 100 news accounts of her visit shows that not a single newspaper or television station reported any security threat to the first lady.”

According to a comedian who accompanied her on the 1996 trip, the ‘scariest’ part was deciding where to eat.”

Furthermore, video footage of Clinton’s arrival in Bosnia contradicted her account.

When confronted about the discrepancy between her story and the facts, Clinton characterized her account as “just a misstatement.”

Image: Hillary Clinton


While Hillary Clinton may not have severely endangered national security with her treatment of emails at the State Department, she definitely lied about her treatment of emails at the State Department.

Politifact, a left-leaning fact-checking site, says the following: Regarding her decision to use a private email server, Clinton said, ‘It was allowed.’ No one ever stopped Clinton from conducting work over her private email server exclusively. But that’s not the same thing as it being allowed. Offices within the State Department told an independent inspector general that if she had asked, they would not have allowed it. The report from the State Department’s Office of the Inspector General shatters one of Clinton’s go-to phrases about her email practice. We rate her claim False.

Furthermore, Clinton appears to have been dishonest about the contents of her private email server. For example, soon after she claimed that among the personal correspondence her server contained was “personal communications between my husband and me,” her husband’s spokesman claimed that Bill Clinton does not use email.

Hillary Clinton has argued that she was justified in deleting, rather than handing over for scrutiny, more than 30,000 emails from her private server due to them being of a personal nature and unrelated to her business as Secretary of State.

Her record of dishonesty is one reason why her political opponents do not take it at her word that this is true.