Safety tips for WhatsApp group managers

Hackers are not only hacking peoples lines but now they also hack a whole group page completely.

Once they succeed in doing that, they will immediately remove all the Admins and thereby become the only Admin of the page. In such situation, it is either you remain with their fraudulent posts or you start the process of creating a new platform thereby losing all the information you had in the former.

So, ask anyone who is an admin to any WhatsApp group to quickly do the following now before it is too late.

WhatsApp Group Security Tips

As an Admin, u need to be one step ahead of the Group Hackers/Hijackers.

Press the 3 dots on the upper side of your Group chat.

* Go to group info
* Go to Group setting
* Go to edit Group info
*Tap on only Admins can set.
Then tap on ok.

That’s it, the Group is good and safe from Admin hijackers…

Please take note and effect this steps if you are an Admin on any social media platform, including WhatsApp and Facebook to ensure safety of the identity (and private data) of your group members–which is very important and should not be ignored.