Research Methods & Qualitative Data Analysis in Psychology

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 ModuleResearch Methods & Qualitative Data Analysis in Psychology
Assignment TypeQualitative Research Report.
Module LeaderXYZ
Submission Deadline.
Assignment Title and InstructionsQualitative Analysis Report Conduct qualitative data analysis and write a qualitative research report to investigate the factors that influence physical activity in adults. You will conduct one interview yourself using the information sheet and interview schedule provided. You will be given five more interview transcripts to analyse.


To explore the factors that influence the amount and the type of physical activity that adults perform. It will investigate the challenges that adults must face and how they use physical activity to stay healthy.


Any adult that you know (friend or family) who is willing to speak to you about their approach to physical activity. People who have been diagnosed with, or who believe they have, health and/or mental health condition(s) are advised not to participate in the interview.


The springboard for this option was the paper below: It focuses on the socio-environmental factors that influence physical activity in young people. Since young people and adults might have different factors influencing their lifestyle, it can be interesting to address this also in adults.

For this research report we will expand the focus to adults who live anywhere in the world and investigate their approach to physical activity. You can download a copy of the paper from the Hub/VLE.

Kirby, J., Levin, K. A., & Inchley, J. (2013). Socioenvironmental influences on physical activity among young people: a qualitative study. Health education research, 28(6), 954-969.


You need to:

• Download the interview schedule and participant information sheet for the study

• Recruit a participant and conduct your interview*: it is advised that you either interview someone you live with or do it virtually (e.g., using Teams, Zoom, your video-conferencing platform of choice). The participant does not need to sign the consent form: you can simply have them state that they consent to take part in the study at the start of the interview.

• Produce an anonymised transcript of your interview.

• Make sure you have included the demographic information with your transcript.

• Upload your transcript to the link provided

• Download the 5 additional transcripts for your study

• Analyse the data from the 6 transcripts using either thematic analysis or IPA: information about how to do this is available in Week 6 of this module.

• Information on how to write up your qualitative research report can be found in the document“Writing your qualitative research report”

*Please make sure you comply with any covid-19 regulations in the place you are located during the conduct of this study.

% of Final Grade100%
Word limit2000 words
Submission InstructionsSubmission is via Turnitin only. Please submit via the Coursework Submission Page, ‘Spring 2022’ section by the deadline above.
Assessment & Feedback PolicyPlease see the ‘Assessments’ section of the MSc Home page