Pretty Taiwanese singer Jolin Tsai slays in a black dress

Jolin Tsai attended a skin care launch today 28 May, 2017, but her beauty and fashion statement overshadowed the promotional products.


Critics say the famous singer has added some “stomach fat,” and believe her black dress was meant to conceal the bulge.

Meanwhile, the 36-year-old wore her most beautiful smile and elegance while walking the red carpet.

Her numerous fans who formed a major part of the audience admired their idol from a distance amid claps and screams, and for them, Jolin looked amazing no matter what’s in that beautifully-made gown.

Jolin is a songwriter, singer, businesswoman and an actress  who is popularly known as “The Queen of C-pop” and “Asia’s Dancing Queen.” She was born and raised in Taiwan.

At the age of 18, the dancer gained fame after she was announced winner at an MTV singing competition.

Her debut album in 1999 titled “1019” became a major hit and the huge success skyrocketed her fan base.

She is one of the highest-paid Chinese artists at the moment, and most teenagers refer to her as their “teen idol.”

Her song “We Are All Different” was banned from being played on radios and televisions in Singapore because it violated the country’s stand on same-sex marriage.

In that 2015 video, Jolin and another Taiwanese actress named Ruby Lin wore wedding dresses and were seen sharing passionate kisses.

“Music associated with drugs, alternative lifestyles [homosexuality] or the worship of the occult or the devil should not be broadcast,”  Singapore’s Media Development Authority (MDA) issued in a statement regarding the ban.

The actress was in love with a New Zealand-born model Vivian Dawson for six years before suffering heartbreak.

Although she blamed “irreconcilable differences” for the split from Vivian, her previous flame was famous singer Jay Chou, who she left in 2005 after spending three years with him.

She shared an afternoon tea with Hollywood icon Tom Cruise two days ago, and was hospitable enough to gift him a homemade cake she themed “The Mummy.”

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