Why this heartless Chinese Mom pushed her 2-year-old on the ground in Public and stepped on her

A Chinese woman who dangerously threw her 2-year-old daughter on the ground and stepped on her, out of anger, has received a huge backlash on social media.


Image shows Huang Xiao Xiao surrounded by onlookers after she attacked her daughter in public.

Although she has given explanations on the May 9 incident, her actions angered many internet users who are still reacting to the shocking video.

Huang Xiao Xiao, the 36-year-old mom at the center of this controversy, is from Xiaoshan district in China’s Zhejiang province.

More than a hundred police reports were filed against Xiao after onlookers watched her callous act against the child.

In her flimsy excuse on the horrific public incident, this unworthy mother says she’s out of job and has been frustrated for her inability to secure employment.

Notwithstanding her lack of funds, the “remorseful” young lady stressed that she used her last ¥20 [an equivalent of $4] to buy a sausage for the girl who probably found the food yucky or too hot to consume.


Image shows Xiao’s 2-year-old daughter.

The poor girl spat out her “unappetizing” sausage, and Xiao lost her temperament over such an innocent act.

Out of depression, anger and hopelessness, she shoved her child to the ground and as if that wasn’t enough wickedness; she stepped on her body in public.

Media reports confirm she was involved in a bitter divorce and has lived on the streets ever since she fell out with her family.

A statement from the police which was published on Wechat shows Xiao has been unable to find a job because she has a child which employers consider as an obstacle.

The angry mom suffered post-natal depression after giving birth to her 2-year-old child. She’s battling mood swings and has admitted to taking out her anger on the poor girl.


Police have taken custody of the depressed mother and her child.

“If there’s little food to eat, I’d feed her first and drink water,” the depressed mother said, admitting that she regrets her actions always.

Some Chinese welfare organizations are currently investigating the matter. And her ex-husband is demanding custody of the abused toddler although he is already taking care of their older daughter.