A tale of 2 young Chinese graduates in love

This is a true love story between a young Chinese girl named Kexin, who was only 20 years old when she met the boy who later became her husband. She was not only beautiful but lucky to secure a readily available factory job immediately after graduation. Her father owned the manufacturing company.


Image shows Da Wei and Kexin as young graduates working in the same factory.

Life was good for the girl but quite the opposit for Da Wei, who was a 21-year-old graduate from a poor home.

Though the boy was from a rural area, he was hardworking and honest.

His goal was to struggle hard in order to have enough money to cater for his two siblings. At his age, he wasn’t bothered about making a family.

Fortunately for Da Wei [a Chinese translation for David], he was offered employment in the same company where Kexin worked. And at first sight, both young people hit it off. They would later become very fond of each other.

David and Kexin worked in the same department at the company. However, their different backgrounds posed a barrier.

A love so sweet was faced with criticisms from colleagues and the young girl’s parents.

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Kexin’s parents wanted a matured mind for their daughter, someone much older than her, not a young boy who’s almost the same age as their daughter.

David was just a young boy starting out in life. He had family responsibilities to shoulder notwithstanding his age, but he knew that falling in love required no experience.

The girl’s father was myopic and wouldn’t approve their love for each other. All the same, Kexin knew she found happiness with the boy. That was worth more than all the money her father could offer. So she decided to follow her heart.

David accepted the decision from Kexin’s father, saying he was right to reject him as a husband because he had nothing to offer. But he found motivation in the rejection.

In fact, he wasn’t prepared to get married and won’t be thinking about it in the next five years. He was only 21 when he learnt that nothing is free in the world, even in Freetown.

Both lovebirds kept an open relationship but no matter what gossip they heard, Kexin was supportive. She stood by David against all odds until her father angrily sacked him from the company in order to cut out the “bad influence”.

All wasn’t lost. The lover boy felt pain and sorrow but accepted his fate. He moved on with life but still connected with the girl every now and then because their love knew no bounds.

After much persistence from Kexin, who begged her father to accept David into the family, she angrily left home to find her boyfriend. She paid him a visit and decided to stick with him through thick and thin.


They never bothered how they would survive but they did, somehow. The picture above, shows where they lived during the struggle with life.

The lovebirds made a decision to prove critics wrong.

Kexin was ready to make contributions and support David in his life dreams. And with the inspiration from his sweetheart, the boy labored day and night. He found a job that paid very little but at night, he would attend capentry classes as an intern in a workshop.

It wasn’t easy but David persevered, always remembering the encouraging words from his heartrob.


Five years later, the recorded great achievements from his furniture company. With a booming business and huge turnovers, the lovebirds bought a house. At the same time, Kexin’s parents accepted David as a son-in-law so they got married in a low-class wedding ceremony.

Call it karma or something like that, Kexin’s father suffered great loss in his factory due to a changing economy or some other factors. His company closed down three years after her daughter wedded David – that was about eight years after he sacked the 21-year-old from his company.

Worse still, Kexin’s aunt and uncle abandoned her father who no longer had cash to offer the family. Life became hell.

Within the same year, the man suffered heart problems and required a heart bypass surgery. Nobody was willing to lend a penny for a surgery that needed millions.

Once David heard of the problem, he booked a flight to the man’s location. A consultaion with the hospital management confirmed a total of 30 million yuan (about $5 million) was required for the operation.

The son-in-law paid the bills at once without expecting anything in return.

Kexin’s mother was moved to tears at the kindness and forgiveness, looking at her aging husband who could no longer speak.

“Thanks a million, David. I’m really sorry for the way we treated you many years ago,” she begged.


Image shows the young couple’s house.

The young man wasn’t concerned about the past rejection because he has Kexin by his side. Besides, he knew that without the trials he faced, they wouldn’t have made it in life – at least, not that big.

That’s the power of love.