Behind Pep Guardiola’s decision to cut 3G network at the Etihad Stadium

Pep Guardiola, a former player and now coach at Manchester City, proved himself a reliable coach who demands everything from his players on and off the pitch. His achievement with Bayern Munich and Barcelona, no doubts, makes him one of the best coaches in the world.

Image: Pep Guardiola

The Spaniard recently severed 3G network from the Premier League club’s training ground. He has good reasons for that strict decision.

As Pablo Zabaleta confirmed in a report from Talking Baws, the coach who desires to assert authority and control over his squad decided to cut of internet services from the building.

Without access to Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, the aging player seem not to care much except for the young lads who’re crazy about life on social media.

Manchester City found their rythm earlier in the league, recording an impressive 11-game unbeaten run until last Sunday’s disappointing encounter against Spurs.

According to the Argentine, Guradiola now wants his star-studded team to build up relationships with each other by talking to themselves off and on the pitch, instead of staying glued to their smartphones all day.

Image: Pablo Zabaleta

The Etihad Campus remains one of the best in the world – boasting of all modern facilities. At the cost of a whooping £200 million. However, you will expect anything except a 3G connection, for now.


Zabaleta spoke with an Argentine news outlet La Capital, saying: For breakfast and lunch we are all together at the club.

“We haven’t got Internet – Pep has cut us off. We cannot even grab a little bit of 3G.”

“You always want and you dream about being trained by the best coaches, and today I have the opportunity to work with one of the best,” says the 31-year-old.

“Actually, I have learned a lot, especially by the way you live it. Beyond knowledge, his passion for football is amazing.”

Image: Pep Guardiola

Guardiola won a total of 14 trophies in the first four years of his managing career. The Spaniard is adjudged to be one of the world’s most successful managers.

A large number of players, coaches and sports analysts rate Guardiola as one of the best managers in football history.