Smart drug pushers busted by eagle-eyed cops

There’s no doubt that drug pushers need to be very smart in order to beat crime fighters in their game. An eagle-eyed US border patrol officer made a big catch against all efforts from smugglers who went an extra mile to hurl their goods through the checkpoints.


A police officer on duty at the US-Mexico border waved down two truck drivers carrying large quantities of carrots.


As is required in the job, this well-trained officer suspected there could be more to those carrots so he decied to conduct a thorough check. A first touch proved those were actually carrots but the officer probed a little further.

The policeman applied a little pressure to the carrots only to discover that they felt different. They were in fact, plastics with sealed marijuana.


Unfortunately for the red-faced drivers, the trucks were impounded and each of the carrots sliced open.


A police reports said one of the items contained around 300 grams of marijuana.



The drivers are now undergoing interrogations.