Phelo Bala opens up on battle with severe depression

Musician Phelo Bala has taken to social media to open up about his lengthy battle with severe depression.

As he celebrated turning 31 years old, Phelo got honest with his followers about all the times he thought he wouldn’t see another year and how he also wished he didn’t.

Despite living with depression since he was 16, Phelo told his followers that somehow he was still standing as he reflected on his battle with depression.

Depression affects more than 260 million people in the world and around half of all mental health conditions appear by the age of 14.

“Living with severe depression since I was 16, and somehow I’m still standing and somehow fighting my way through this thing called life,” he wrote.


Phelo’s post was not all gloomy as he also shared that he is learning to love himself more and to be kinder to himself.

“Though I have many reasons not to celebrate, I have so much more to be grateful for.

“I guess God is not through with me just yet. Happy 31st Birthday to me,” he wrote.

Awareness around mental health is currently in the spotlight in South Africa, and more individuals such as Phelo are publicly sharing their struggles.

Rapper AKA, last year revealed he was placed on medication for his clinical depression.

Following the passing of rapper Riky Rick, AKA once again took to social media to shine the spotlight around mental health in the industry.