Our weapons of war (Bible study for kids)

Think about some of the weapons some of the Marvel Super Heroes have – Batman had all sorts of hidden weapons in the belt he wore;  Captain America had his special shield;  Ironman had a protective armor and a helmet that talked to him and gave him all sorts of special information; and the list goes on!  Each one had a different set of tools and abilities to fight against evil.  God has given us tools and abilities to fight against evil too!

For the next few days, take time each and every day to be still in a special place and time without distractions and draw near to God using these devotions to get to know Him better and how He has equipped us to fight against evil.  Always remember that in addition to all the armor of God; His greatest gift is that He is with us and fights for us!

LOOK IT UP:  Turn to Ephesians 6 in your New Testament.  Go ahead and read verses 10-18 and jot down all the pieces of armor God gives us.  (Ex.  belt of truth, …)  Now go back and write down each thing we are to do such as “be strengthened”, “put on the armor”, “stand firm”, etc.

Now go back and look at verse 12.  Who is our battle against?

Look up the following verses and see what they say about Satan. Write it down.

1 Peter 5:8 ____________________________

John 8:44 (Jesus was talking to the Pharisees)


The Bible has a lot to say about Satan and that we should be on guard, but also remember the truth of 1 John 4:4! (Write it below!)

Yes, Jesus is greater and because He lives with in us as believers through His Holy Spirit, we are more than conquerors!!!!  One more verse today…Romans 8:37-39; what can separate us from the love of God that is in Jesus our Lord? __________________________  That’s right!  NOTHING!!!

THINK ABOUT IT & REMEMBER:  As believers we know the truth of the Bible…in the end, God wins!!!  Jesus has already conquered death for us!

PRAY:  Take time to thank God for fighting for you!  Talk to Him about any fears you may have, and thank Him that no matter what, He is with you and NOTHING can separate you from His love in Jesus!