Barcelona have been fair with decisions on Ivan Rakitic

The ‘Rakitic case’, as expected, has taken a leap forward from being a private matter to another public one after the Croatian player openly admitted in interviews that he is sad and that does not understand his situation.

The truth is that it gives the feeling that both the player, and the coach, and the club, have already concluded for many weeks that the Croatian player’s time at Barça is over and that it is best to find a way out in the January window.

It is true that it is never easy to manage the exit of a great player like Rakitic, who has had an unbeatable performance and exemplary behavior at he club.

In over five seasons at Barça, Rakitic has not made a bad gesture or said a bad word, with an impeccable service sheet of which he can be very proud. It has been a successful relationship in which both the club and the player have won. That said, and although it is not easy to deal with, the coach has every right to prioritize other players ahead of him, and even to change his opinion about the Croatian – that Valverde believed in him does not mean he has to believe in him until the end of time.

These days, after the complaints of the Croatian, we read and listen to many opinions that suggest that the club, or the coach, or both, have been unfair to Rakitic, that he has not been treated well, that he has not been at the right level etc. The question is why? What has the coach done wrong? And the club? Why can’t you bench Rakitic? Is there a decree law that prohibits it?

We cannot criticize the club for not knowing how to find a way out for veterans and, at the same time, when it does, shout at the sky. Benching a player is not disrespectful. Some come and some go. Life goes on, and of course, Barça will too. Although it hurts, Barça has done the right thing with Rakitic.