Obsessed with writing

“Published author cum blogger,” my wife laughingly calls me each time she sees me glued to my computer, especially when she tries distracting me with stories and I answer in monosyllables. But she has come to terms with the truth–that I am obsessed with writing.

Even before I raised money to print my first business cards which I also designed by myself, I added “Author, Academic Writer and Blogger.” At that time, my academic books were unpublished and the UK company handling publication of my first novel was pestering me to pay the required 2,500GBP, which I didn’t have.

The challenges were frustrating but I never stopped writing. Eventually, a publisher located me on LinkedIn and asked if I would like to partner with her company.

“We would like to publish some of your academic writings,” the girl named Anastasia wrote and I replied affirmatively.

The rest is now history in the making.

Yet, my wife has never stopped mocking me with “Published author cum blogger.”

So far, so good. Now I have over 30 published academic books and more, including two fiction novels. And guess what. I’m not done with writing as long as I can sit, see, think and use my dextrous hands. My books are available on Amazon, More Books, Barnes & Noble, Just Fiction etc.