Obsessed with writing

"Published author cum blogger," my wife laughingly calls me each time she sees me glued to my computer, especially when she tries distracting me with stories and I answer in monosyllables. But she has come to terms with the truth--that I am obsessed with writing. Even before I raised money to print my first business … Continue reading Obsessed with writing

Why You Should Start Where You Are.

One of the most common questions I get asked regarding the health of a team or an organization is this one: “what if I’m not in charge?” If you are not leading the team or running the organization, how much can you really influence it’s health? It’s a fair question. And, if you are not … Continue reading Why You Should Start Where You Are.

Don’t let your opportunity become theirs

"Opportunity" they say, "knocks but once". How true is it that you and I only have just one chance to do something important or profitable? This is discouraging. Heraclitus the philosopher said: "No man ever steps in the same river twice...". This is arguably a white lie. We are pushed by this belief towards making hasty decisions in difficult … Continue reading Don’t let your opportunity become theirs