My boss can’t explain why he sacked me

irobiko chimezie

Ok, it started like this. Last week my Oga (boss) sent me to go and buy MTN N500.

So Mama Tochukwu get only N400 and N100 MTN; she no get N500 card.

I come back house tell my Oga say I no see N500 card but them get only N400 and N100. My Oga begin shout at me, “Enyi biko, are you mad?! Why can’t you use your head for once? I beg go and buy the N400 and N100 card joor!!!”

I was embarrassed…!!

So this morning my Oga sent me agaim to buy slippers for him… Say his size is Size 9.

Now, Mama Lewis no get Size 9; but she get Size 4, Size 5, Size 7 and Size 2.

So I no wan make my Oga embarrass me again… I come use my head for once and
bought Size 2 and Size 7 for my Oga.

Now my Oga has fired me and him no gree tell me what I did wrong. No reason at all.

I beg make you help me ask why he fire me!!! Abi Size 7 and Size 2 no be Size 9???


This life no balance