2023: Is Peter Obi’s movement the beacon of hope?

Peter Obi and Yusuf

Why is the ovation so loud wherever he appears? Church, weddings, airports, Bar Association and even market places ?

It is not because he is Obi, it is because for the first time Nigerians have seen a pathway to escape from the prison of our taskmasters.

All tags on Obi could not hold.

They tagged him structureless it did not hold, tagged him corrupt no evidence, tagged his followers violent it got no traction, tagged him IPOB it had no traction, tagged him importer of fake goods, it had no traction, they even sat together and created fake videos and WhatsApp groups to attack themselves and turn around to blame his followers, that too did not work.

Desperate and evil men will stop at nothing!

They think Obi is the problem, no, their albatross is the faceless Obedients.

They attempted to change from electronic collation to manual with inec, they met a backlash and backed down, at the end, no tag on him has worked.

Their biggest fear is not Obi, don’t be confused, Obi is a mere man, after all “ Obi is a Boy”, their fear is the transformation of our freedom fighters into the ObiDient movement.

ObiDient is an event whose time has come, it cannot be stopped.

Again don’t mix it up, the target is not Atiku or Tinubu, it is a Class warfare. It is a battle between the “haves” and “have not” a battle between “ the rich vs the poor”, the bourgeoisie vs the proletariat.

The target is opening the jailhouses of poverty, misery and joblessnesses among Nigerians, freeing the captives to “let my people go”

They are scared poverty will be reduced and the poor will not be there to serve them and massage their ego again.

They are scared the poor will be liberated to speak for themselves, they are scared a new Nigeria will advance the equitable distribution of goods and services, the bourgeoisie is scared of the rule of the proletariat and the common man. The fear is real!

If they have a way to round up all obedients and lock them up under the pretense of Revolution, they would have done this long ago, unfortunately we are playing the game using a play book they designed themselves.

If you are a young man or woman, join the team of freedom fighters don’t align with our oppressors.

Let your children tomorrow grow up to know you were part of the “ new Nigeria” and you played a positive role.

It is now or never, the Obidients are here to stay. No tag will stick except the tag of
“Free at last, free at last, thank God almighty we are free at last!”