Marion Cotillard talks about destroying Brad Pitt’s marriage

Marion Cotillard needs no introduction to many people. She’s the alleged home-wrecker who crashed Brad Pitt’s marriage to Angelina Jolie. Forget the widely reported cover-up attack on Maddox, their 15-year-old son.

On Wednesday, Cotillard appeared on the The Late Show where she spilled the beans on her steamy sex scenes with Pitt.

She’s not going to apologize to anyone for taking their romance away from beaming camera lights. Forgive her if she doesn’t say the words you wanted to hear.

The pregnant actress was Pitt’s opposite in the new World War II movie titled “Allied.”

While many have argued that she’s not to blame for falling head over heels in love with one of the sexiest men alive, the 41-year-old insists she did nothing wrong.

Image: Marion Cotillard

“I never take anything personally when it doesn’t concern me,” she said on TODAY Thursday.

“So I didn’t take it personally because I had nothing to do with those rumors or situation.”

Cortillard argues that the gossip has never bothered her in any way.

“Let’s imagine, you’re with your wife, in bed or anywhere, here, and then all those people are watching. Yeah, cameras, like 50 people are watching. Do you still find it sexy?” she asked host Stephen Colbert.

Image: Marion Cotillard

That was a question that didn’t need to be answered. Some actresses can do the untinkable in public while others prefer it behind closed doors.

However, the French actress and Stephen did laugh over it before she added, “But it’s a beautiful love scene, very beautiful.”

She continues: “There are multiple beautiful love scenes! Again, I’m just trying to sell tickets here.

“I’m trying to help you!” Cotillard added.

Image: Marion Cotillard

Pitt’s separation from Jolie came as a huge surprise to many fans and even haters.

Rumors had it that Selena Gomez played a part on the infidelity allegations. But Cotillard stood tallest among the numerous women who were accused of wrecking Brangelina.

Media reports say Pitt, 52, had a serious relationship with Cotillard who is expecting a second child with hubby Guillaume Canet.

The accused actress has maintained her earlier stance that they were nothing more than co-actors during the time they shared. She also went further with an online post, wishing Pitt and Jolie a peaceful marriage.

Sadly, Brangelina is dead and gone but Cotillard says she’s wishing they “will find peace.”

Image: Marion Cotillard

The Oscar winning actress also talked about how her career has affected her marriage. She opened up to Stephen about her first pregnancy, and son, Marcel.

“I wanted to eat things I didn’t like. I was very worried that my kid would be conditioned in this world anyway, but then he could have many choices even the things I don’t like,” she said.

“So everything I didn’t like, I tried to feed myself with to give him more choices. It’s absolutely ridiculous, but I did it.”

Cotillard made her breakthrough in France for the role she played in 1998’s blockbuster “Taxi”. She portrayed Lilly Bertineau in the action-comedy which earned her a César Award nomination for Most Promising Actress.

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