Malia Obama Smoking Marijuana At A Concert, And People Are Talking.

Mr President’s daughter Malia Obama was caught twerking at a high school party while accompanied by the United States Secret Service, and the media argued in defense of a young girl who should have the privacy to live freely just like any other teenager–but nothing was said about “pot smoking”.

A video has now surfaced online showing “daddy’s girl” smoking weed, an act Daily Mail described as ” a chip off the old block”.

According to the report, an eyewitness confirmed Malia was smoking marijuana while mingling at the Chicago music festival [Lollapalooza].

Smoking weed in the U.S. isn’t a crime in most states, and some other patients elsewhere are allowed to take it only on doctor’s prescription.

Malia Obama suffered an asthma attack while she was a toddler, so she could have smoked “something” for health reasons.

Besides that, Marijuana was recently decriminalized in Illinois – the state where she allegedly smoked “something suspicious”.

Image: File Photo

Malia was pictured wrecking havoc with her friends Thursday night, catching a performance from Norwegian DJ Cashmere Cat.

It was the same time Hillary Clinton took to the stage for her party nomination but Obama must have agreed Malia had no reasons to attend party meetings that night. Not even at this time when she just graduated from high school, having a year gap before starting her undergraduate classes.

The footage surfaced after images of her twerking at the music festival were posted online

Malia, who was wearing a midriff-baring tube top and pair of cutoff jean shorts, even posed for a few photos while she danced at the event earlier this month. She is currently enjoying a gap year before she begins her studies at Harvard University 

Fo the first time, the president’s daughter missed out on the Democratic National Convention ever since her father became the Democratic nominee back in 2008.

What a day it was for the young high school graduate to take full advantage of, by doing what she had always dreamt of.

The teenager was spotted enjoying a DJ sets and rappers over the weekend with friends while her father threw his support behind Hillary Clinton at the Democratic Convention

She left Philadelphia all the way to Chicago for the memorable night.

Malia had an asthma attack when she was a toddler, which President Obama claims is one of the reasons why he champions climate change, the report confirms.

In an interview with ABC News’ chief health correspondent, Dr. Richard Besser, in April 2015, he said: ‘Well you know, Malia had asthma when she was four, and because we had good health insurance, we were able to knock it out early.

The president said he can ‘relate to… the fear a parent has when your four-year-old daughter comes up to you and says, “Daddy, I’m having trouble breathing.” ‘

The fright you feel is terrible.’

Obama said the health scare resulted in a single trip to the emergency room for his daughter, adding that she now leads an active lifestyle without an inhaler.

It’s not as if “smoking pot” makes one good or bad though it has some kind of negative evaluations attached to it everywhere. The U.S. president has admitted to smoking marijuana in the past.  He said he had used ‘a little blow’ in high school and college.

He also made a joke out of his past habit at this year’s White House Correspondent’s Dinner when he said: ‘The last time I was that high, I was trying to decide my major.’

It’s arguable that some pastors, musicians and poets smoke marijuana for inspiration; students smoke it for calmness; and armed robbers smoke it for courage. It’s a choice.

Here’s what people are saying:


  • Kind of weird how when the Bush daughters were caught drinking and partying, there was far more drama and media buzz, but when Ms. Obama does something similar it’s ‘kids will be kids’. I’m not condoning or condemning her, but it goes to show what happens when a child is put in a high profile spotlight. They are stripped of their childhood and scrutinized because of who their family is and their association with them. Regardless, I have to agree with the various individuals that it is important for her to enjoy her youth. I would however imagine there’s more constructive activities.

  • When I first clicked on this, I found a garbled voice and no view or video, but it gradually cleared up to show the End with the announcer talking only. I tried again, but Nothing would come up. Then I was shut out and could not find it again, but when I clicked on the box that said over 2200 comment, it said “Oops. Comments did load. Retry?”

    Was this deleted by Homeland Security or NSA? Was Malia “excessively reckless but not guilty”? She was reported Twerking and smoking Weed. OK, it was a mistake for a teen to do that, but National Security has blotted it out??? What have we come to?

  • Whether this kid is smoking pot (shame, shame) or just smoking (her father did it) and twerking is a NO NO for now. Her daddy is still in office and she should act appropriately. Then again I’m sure her mother will say teenagers will be teenagers and rightfully so but where were the secret service they should’ve reminded her that there are cameras everywhere because she’s obviously to stupid to realize that after 8 years of daddy being in the public eye.

  • I flared a blunt while checking this story out. Tho there was never any vid of the kid burning anything, I came to the conclusion that the article and media attention is one of the best cases made for medical use of pot. Imagine the stress this kid is under! She’s held it together pretty gracefully for almost 7 years being the daughter of the pres… not to mention living under the media microscope during formative years. I’d rather see the kid heat-up a fatty instead of eating Xanax in order to relax and chill occasionally. If I live long enough, and she ever decides to run for president, she’s got my vote…

  • Okay, so where was the Secret Service protection why she was getting the weed?

  • The media thinks this is a story? My question would be more along the lines of how did the presidents daughter get weed and very ill people can’t.

  • Leave her alone she has sought council from the Democratic party leaders and this is the advice they gave her.

    Bill Clinton said just say that you did not inhale it!

    Hillary Clinton said just say that you where not aware that it was the top secret Mary Jane because it was not properly labeled!

    Michele 0bama said just say it popped up in the White House garden and you thought it was a weed and burnt it!

    Bernie Sanders said just say it was FREE !

    And the top number one answer was , 0bama said don’t worry just say George Bush gave it to you!

  • If this is true, it makes the recent DEA decision on pot classification total hypocrisy.

  • Ok you old hippies I’m sure some of you were around for Woodstock – where cannabis was the official plant of ceremonies. I get that she’s the presidents daughter, higher standard, politics, fake outrage – but a lot of you need to come down from that soapbox – thats probably filled with your own personal stash.

  • I love the hypocrisy with this, the same people who condemned the Bush daughters when they were out getting drunk are defending Malia and those condemning her now defended the Bush girls back then. Why can’t we just leave presidential kids out of the news?

  • The DEA needs to ransack the White House in a early morning raid and subdue her parents and demand to know where her stash is! I bet her parents are reefer heads too!

    We must crack down on illegal narcotics merica and of course people of color. Let us not forget it was Anslinger in 36 who warned us of the Mexican hoard hi on weeds raping our daughters and teaching our young Catholicism . They must be stopped

  • This is fine and dandy according to the liberal medial and Hollywood celebrities. However, if it was one of Donald Trump children or relatives, the media and other opinionated asshole celebrities would crucify them . That is what I did not like. So the media and liberals can F.O. !

  • Who gives a BLANK what celebs feel about the Pot head child of Obama. Her possible Father is exiting President, the next President could possibly be an unprosecuted Murderer, and with 400 mill. Daddy Warbucks can get all the Pot she Requires and the stronger Drugs to Follow. Remember, Bill Clinton pardoned a Druggie, that was a Family member.

  • Pot is illegal. Let you 18 year old go out in public and smoke some pot and see what happens.

  • The office of the Presidency used to be held in high esteem before this trash moved in. Obama smokes weed. That is why it takes him so long to respond to any crisis. He has to be sobered up first.

  • Stay classy Obama. You are proving the critics right.

  • I didn’t care about the Bush twins partying either!

    When will she be caught doing the nasty? over under has to be after November.

    She should learn not to take a joint from a total stranger,

    same as accepting a drink from a stranger and an open container.

    Now we all know why she will take a year off before college.

  • She could run down the street naked and high on PCP and it wouldn’t matter. Obama is on the way out and everyone is focused on Trump and Clinton.

  • I recall that one of the Bush daughters tried to buy alcohol with a fake ID. I can’t imagine why should thought she wouldn’t be recognized. (especially with the secret service crowd following her). Kids do dumb things. we all did.

  • Y’all know that video was ordered removed immediately.

    Sorry but she’s 100% wrong!! She may be a teen, but her father’s the president of the United States. Therefore, she and her family are public role models for our Country. If she felt the need to smoke pot, do it in private. Even if Obama smoked pot as a teen, his father was not the president.

  • Thank you Denise! Every conservative is going to want her in jail because she smoked some weed or broke the law. I het 90% of the idiots making trash talk never did anything bad when they were kids and if they day they didn’t they are liars just like the candidate they will cote for!

  • I saw the “twerking” video a couple of weeks ago, although I would not have defined it that way. Just looked like lifting her skirt up to show her bottom and giving a shake. Her dad certainly can’t say anything about the weed.

  • Why the “outrage?” Her Daddy was a doper at her age too. She’s just following in his footsteps.

    “In his 1995 memoir “Dreams of My Father,” Obama writes about smoking pot almost like Dr. Seuss wrote about eating green eggs and ham. As a high school kid, Obama wrote, he would smoke “in a white classmate’s sparkling new van,” he would smoke “in the dorm room of some brother” and he would smoke “on the beach with a couple of Hawaiian kids.”

    “He would smoke it here and there. He would smoke it anywhere.” – ABC News, March 25, 2012

  • Marijuana, ‘weed’ is still Illegal with the Federal Government of the USA.

    The Mother and Father of the young lady, should be responsible for the actions of their Daughter, while she is ‘breaking Federal Law’.

    Especially when the Mom and Dad Are living in the USA White House, as President of USA, and First Lady. If I found out that my teenage son was smoking ‘Stupid’, he and I would have a Lonng talk about dangers of high powered THC, Young brain ‘frontal lobe’ growth and derangement, dangers of purchasing illegal drugs, and ‘How about Living in ‘Reality’ without ‘mental crutches’….. To the Daughter of the current President of the United States of America.

  • I hope she gets arrested, goes to jail, and gets a criminal record. I hope that if she doesn’t get expelled from Harvard, after graduating from college, she never finds a job because of her criminal record. i hope nobody in a good neighborhood sells her a house because of her criminal record. She’s black, so it’s not fair that she gets more privilege than all the other black thugs in this country. She should be treated as inferior as all the other black thugs in this country.

  • She’s a teenager copping a few puffs… What else is news… Come on leave the kid alone … That’s what life is about.. Exploring! Find something news worthy!

  • For a president that has refused to enforce federal laws on states that legalized marijuana (and many other federal laws), if the Obama’s punish Malia for smoking pot, it will just be another example of their hypocrisy.

  • Her father still places marijuana on the same criminal status as heroin, maybe daddy needs to wake up?

  • Obama probably still smokes dope and snorts coke.

    Celebs, the media and Dems (nearly synonymous) react one way with President Obama’s daughter taking a hit on a joint while taking an entirely different view when GW’s daughter was drinking while she was 19.

    I’m a firm believer that the kids of presidents should be left out of the news. I’m a Republican and have been all my life. The way the Bush daughters were treated was terrible. We all have something we are thankful nobody took o picture of in our past.

    She is beautiful with a flat abs.

  • She didn’t really inhale!

  • Sure she wasn’t but hey don’t they have anything better things to do than slam this poor kid. Get a life

  • Why is she bleaching her skin? Is she ashamed to be African?

    Her dad probably trained her.

    More insane hypocrisy from the left. Blacks are incarcerated at an astonishing rate for marijuana possession. Yet this black girl is celebrated by many for twerking and smoking marijuana

    This is the same week that the dea refused to reschedule marijuana to coincide with reality instead of agenda.

    Under obama, blacks are worse off than ever before, and now before he leaves office, he reminds you, hes not like you at all, his kids, they smoke weed in public and get celebrated, you, you smoke weed in public, you go to jail.

    Same thing with hillary, she does something, shes celebrated, someone else does it, they are thrown in jail or their careers are destroyed.

    Just more blatant hypocrisy from the left.

  • They probably got the weed for the California sherriff’s department from all the confiscated raids.


    Well, well, well. Did one of the princesses in the White House fall from grace? Malia and her sister are spoiled brats. They have designer clothes, privileges beyond belief and her dad draped over her like a used old coat. I support marijuana users but this is really hysterical. I wonder what Clinton would have to say about this?

  • Flaunting vanity, sex and drugs, what else should we expect from the ( it’s all about me culture ) that cares nothing about the rest of the world trying to survive wars, famines and pestilence.

    It’s no wonder America is fast becoming the most hated country in the world when millions of drug users spend bloody American dollars to buy bloody drugs from bloody drug cartels that have left half the countries in Central America a living hell for thousands of kids fleeing to this country.

    I wonder if she and her party friends would laugh and joke about it if they had to trade places with them for one week.


    Malia is all about “in your face, America” – just like her Dad, just like her Mom. She is velcro tied to the WH privileges and covered in the same teflon as well. She is taking advantage of her varied privileges – economic, social, now cultural, financial, and political. But, her times wil change as it appears she will not be entitled to SS coverage after her WH days…unless, of course, the former President pays for it. So, the rumors are that she already has played beer pong and smoked marijuana…heads up Dad – welcome to unprotected kids whose morals you hope will hold up. Having been a single parent of a young lady Malia’s age, I can tell you that the distance between any two points she will travel is not always a straight line.

    Image: File Photo


3 thoughts on “Malia Obama Smoking Marijuana At A Concert, And People Are Talking.

  1. Challenges of growing up. Smoking marijuana is now legalized in most parts of the US and who says a president’s daughter can’t live life to the fullest?

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